8/23: Headed Home

We started off about 10 in the morning, after making sure everything was packed and ready to go. Our first stop was just down the street from where my parents live in a town called Stringtown. No, they don’t make string there – I asked.


This is the big thing of the town: Reba McEntire and her family live in the area. Reba’s farm is in Daisy, a little distance away. We had to stop and get a picture of the street sign and, of course, Jen was involved…


We hopped out and Jen got her picture taken with the Reba McEntire street sign. She was in heaven, of course.


Our next stop, before leaving town, was the huge revolver on the side of the road. I wanted to get a picture of my boys playing on/around it. It was too awesome to skip.


On closer inspection, we found out that it had a functional purpose! It was an outdoor grill! How neat is that?


They both had to work hard to pull the trigger.



Yes, we still love to climb on everything.


And yes, we need to get Jen in the picture.

After that, we started out of town. It was getting closer to lunchtime, at this point, but we needed to get some of the distance erased between us and home before it got too late in the day.


You can tell it’s Southern Pride when the trucks/SUVs have labels like, “Oklahoma Edition” and “Texas Edition.” I mean, seriously, is there anything better than a truck built for a Texan?


And, of course, we got sidetracked at the Tinker Air Force Base in Midland City. It was fun taking my boys on a military installation. We ate lunch in the cafeteria and had a great time.


The place we ate at – and took nearly all our money. I didn’t realize it was so very expensive or we’d have had sandwiches at a gas station! The concept was cool, though.


Back on the road again, I was appalled that Jen knew nothing about Route 66. It’s a cultural and American icon! I made her do much research via Google, driving down the road from there.


I think that the town of Britten needs a fundraiser to straighten out its water tower!


Caiden said something about this cross but I can’t remember exactly what it was. It was funny but, after waiting so long to type this up, I’ve forgotten.


We drove all the way from Oklahoma, through Texas and into New Mexico before stopping the first night. We were a good 5 hours short of where we were supposed to be at the end of night one.

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