8/21 & 22: Oklahoma Trip

Let’s finish up the Oklahoma trip, shall we? I’m quite sure I don’t have a lot of pictures left to share – camera tended to be forgotten in the midst of cooking and enjoying family. We’ll see what I’ve got and throw it out there…


We went swimming again. This time, at a state park. I can’t recall the name of it now. We drove a good 30 minutes to get there and had a blast for a few hours before heading home again. The best part wasn’t the socializing and swimming – it was as we were leaving. We all decided to jump off the docks and splash in the water. Even my brother joined in!


See the dock behind my nephew? We tested it before letting the kids (and ourselves) jump off it. It’s plenty deep enough and we’re all looking forward to the fun!





(Yes, that’s me)



Despite being in the Navy, I am not a strong swimmer. I can swim. I can do what needs doing. I’m just not real good at it. My sister-in-law Wendy was kind enough to allow my boys to jump to her in the water. They were so sad I wouldn’t let them jump in such deep water without someone catching them. For some reason, there are no pictures of Caiden jumping. He was so excited and had a great time of it, though!

It always amazes me, the trust of a child. I told my boys they could trust Wendy and they did, without hesitation.


My brother Len leading the family on one final jump before we leave. It was awesome to see his entire clan follow him right into the water. He appears to have a good handle on how and when to pull them all together to get something accomplished. I think he’s doing right proper and good in his life and with his family. I am so very glad I got to spend some time getting caught up with him and getting to know his family and children. When possible, we have to do it again!


The last ones leaving the docks and the water. I have to remember to get their dad to take them to the water one more time before it gets too cold. I know they really love the water and they did miss out a little bit because of their size. Looking at this picture, I feel so sad for them being so small with cousins so big. They are resilient, though, and got over it rather quickly.

(After spending the last 2 or 3 hours sorting through pictures and making sure I undeleted all the ones that I accidentally deleted, I can continue the story…)


There was a lot of discussion about whether I was allowed to take photos inside the casino. Finally, to solve the dilemma, I walked up to a security guard and told him quite simply, “I am going to take a picture of my dad working and nothing else. I promise.” I was given the OK and managed to get this one picture with my dad’s eyes open.

On Thursday morning, Len and I went down to see my dad at work. It was pretty cool, seeing him in his Casino uniform.


On Thursday, we took a drive to another town a little ways down the street. Stopping at Taco Bell for some lunch, it was the same drill again: youngest to oldest ordering to keep things straight. After we were done eating, the boys went outside for a few minutes while everyone else finished. Brendan found some flowers and brought in two, one for Grammy and one for his Aunt Wendy. I sent a text ahead of time, asking Len to remind them that “flowers get kisses.”


He was so proud of himself, getting kisses from his Grammy and Aunt Wendy!

That was pretty much the highlights of Wednesday and Thursday in Oklahoma! On Friday, we started home. It was supposed to be a two-day trip…

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