8/20: Oklahoma to Texas to Oklahoma


On the way to visit Texas from my parent’s house in Oklahoma (it’s an hour or two away from the border), my nephew was playing with my camera. I think his dad should invest in some photography classes for him. He took a real liking to it right off and seemed to take some really cool pictures!


This one is his sister. From what I learned of her, this picture captures her completely.


My nieces had an over-abundant fascination with Transformers. It was fun to sit in the front seat and listen to them talking about trucks, Transformers and all manner of cars. Several times, I had to remind myself that they were 14 and 15, leave them alone (when they’d get something wrong or whatnot). The price of being older and, supposedly, wiser: learning to hold one’s tongue.

That got me in trouble early on in this visit. One of my brothers now refuses to speak to me because I was biting my tongue. He’d make some smart-ass comment to get a rise out of me and I decided to not take the bait. I’d rather just zip my lips and smile. Oh, well. The price of being older.


My dad loves to make mean faces at the camera. It’s actually cute.


Yes. That’s me. I was hiding behind a tree from the nephew with the camera.


I got the camera back and started taking random pictures of the family at the Texas Welcome Center.


The nephew that loved my camera.


Trying to get everyone on the Texas Star for a family photo. This took awhile…


This is about as good as it gets but it’s actually a really cool picture.


Caiden and Brendan thought it was great fun to slide down the star. Brendan landed on his feet and ran off the edge with the momentum. Caiden … slid … and …


landed on his butt. He quickly realized, this was the worst thing to do.


My niece setting up Optimus Prime for a photo shoot of him “on Texas.”


And we all start heading back to our two cars.


And back out again to do some dusk-swimming. It was fun in Oklahoma; there were plenty of places to just jump in the water and cool off (in the luke-warm water) and we did it, at least once, every day. So, Texas and swimming in one day. Is there anything better, Jen?

Of course, more later… Still have Wed & Thurs, if I have pictures. I’ll have to look through them.

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