WIP Wednesday

I haven’t done one of these in awhile. It’s time to start setting out my goals, now that school has started and we’re back to five hours a day when there are no children. I can get projects done; specifically Christmas projects!

Y’all remember the Christmas quilt for my children last year? I never did finish it. I have made a promise that no more quilts will be made or turned into my quilter until I finish my boys’ Christmas quilts. I’ve started by laying out what I have and looking at where I left off.


Brendan’s top is done, except for a border. I haven’t decided what to do, as yet.


Caiden’s top is ready for the strips to be sewn together. It wouldn’t take long and would mark that top as completed – except for the uncertain border.





While prepping those, there were a few other small quilts (wall quilts) that I have not finished the binding on. I set those out and am adding them to my WIP. The last one pictured, I did not make. I found it (unfinished) at a thrift store. The only part left is hand stitching the flower down. I started but did not finish. Since my hands are feeling so much better, it is time to get that done – along with the rest.

Another WIP isn’t about quilting. I need to finish sorting pictures and getting them all nice and pretty. This project has been an on-again, off-again project for over a year. It is time to finally buckle down and finish it. No more setting it aside. Of course, then I’ll have my dining room back again, as well!


Another WIP is my pictures of our trip to Oklahoma. There are so many to go through! Within the next couple days, I want to get them done and move on to more.


I also have a few pictures of some jam that I’ve made. I need to get that written up and posted. Expect quite a few posts as I try and finish my “Works in Progress,” now that school has settled into a routine.

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4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. First day the kids are back at school here. 6 hours of freedom! I was a bit lost today but I am sure I will get my groove soon 🙂 got some plans for this time too, my fav time of year really 🙂 nice to see you back! xx

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