8/19: Oklahoma!

As I said, on Sunday night, my brother, his wife and five of his children arrived. I didn’t get pictures of that night – or many at all, with all the excitement – but I have a few to share.


My mom took the hint and cleaned off the counter for me to cook on. It’s an island in their kitchen and worked perfectly for me the entire week. My back was never to anyone and I was able to mingle while cooking. The first day, we did baked oatmeal and “Eggs in a Train.” We forgot our train cookie cutter so improvised with a small glass. It turned out well and compliments were plenty.


My dad on the left, Len (my brother) in the middle and his son on the right. If you look at Dad and Len, they are spitting images of each other. They were thick-as-theives all week. Len kept saying that he loved visiting Dad because he got to sit and learn from him.

On a side note: who paints their truck, a Dodge at that, green!? My brother.



Again, I packed up the children and drove them down to the water. It was a hit with the kids, even the girls jumped right in and played. It was nice to see that they weren’t too prissy to enjoy the water on a hot summer’s day in Oklahoma. The two above are two of the three girls that Len has.


Brendan loved playing with a floaty that Len’s daughter brought. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t hold him up out of the water – no matter how hard he tried!


Caiden, of course, was in his element and was excited as all get out with the water and the cousins. We have to teach him not to grab onto people, though. There was an incident or two where he grabbed for someone and got the wrong body parts. I’m convinced it wasn’t intentional, as he grabs onto anyone, as soon as they get close enough. We’ll work on it this winter so he doesn’t do such again, next year.


One of Len’s sons warming up. I’m not sure why he needed to – the water was plenty warm enough!


Front and center is my youngest brother’s (Matt’s) wife. She’s expecting their fourth boy. This is the brother that lives two hours from my parents in Oklahoma. To the right is my mother and in the back is one of Len’s sons – I believe the oldest. Hi Jen, way back there!


After dinner, Matt took his kids home for the night (school and all that) and we went out for ice cream. What you see is (L to R), 2 of Len’s daughters (one of them quite crazy, at times – in jest, of course), Len, Caiden, another son of Len’s and on the far right is Len’s wife, Wendy. Nice lady! I’m glad I finally got to meet her. McDonald’s was crashed by our family and it was fun. I lined up all the children, youngest to oldest and had them order one at a time. Great way to work things out when you’re bringing 13 people for ice cream somewhere!


Len’s youngest son and Pop-Pop.


Grammy enjoying her ice cream but not the picture taking. Too bad! We have to show Grammy at some point, right?


You take my picture, I take yours!


And, of course, afterwards, Aunt Mary (that’s me) had to take the older children + Caiden night swimming. We didn’t stay too long. The bugs were eating me up, so I took them home. The point is – it was fun going at night in a safe location and warm water!

That’s about it for Monday. Tuesday, we head to Texas!

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