The Real Superman & Batman!

Our city had a Community Night at the Park with the local cop section, fire station, the county cops and a few state police. We were told that Batman & Superman would be there so, of course, the boys had to dress up for it.


We were about to head into the park to see what was going on and stopped to get a picture first.


My favorite part was the flag flying proudly off the tall fireman’s ladder they had parked out front. Is there anything better than seeing your flag so big and beautiful against a gorgeous sky?


They had a bounce-house and my boys were the first to jump into it. Superman jumping in a bounce-house. That’s a novel idea. I wonder what would happen if the real Superman decided to jump in it? No roof?


And Batman – with all his heavy gear? I’m quite sure he’d tear a hole in the floor. It’s a good thing Caiden took off most of his before getting in!


The Citizen’s Watch Patrol is a group of volunteers that assist our local police. They ride around in official cars and take note of anything the police may want to check into. Here is one of the volunteers that was beside himself at seeing Batman and Superman visiting. He kept saying he would be out of a job if the boys stuck around all night.


Someone mentioned that the *real* Superman and Batman had arrived. Jen barely had time to grab hands before the boys took off running to see their superheroes.


Do you see that smile!? That little boy truly believes he just met and shook hands with Superman! Dad and I decided that we weren’t going to say a word. We’re going to let that little heart swell with pride at the thought of actually meeting his superhero.


Caiden’s smile nearly outdoes Brendan’s when Batman notices him. A group photo was a must.


Caiden and Batman comparing their armor. I am really proud of how these guys acted to my boys. They truly do understand what it’s like to be 6 and 5 and meeting a “real live superhero.”


Group photo – first and second generation of super heroes.


Can you imagine the dreams these two boys had that night?


Just recently, we all watched Short Circuit I and II. The boys were fascinated with the robot that moved and talked on its own. Further down the line, the boys met with a real robot. They were understandably awed by the robot that moved and talked to them.


And then they met the guy that actually runs the robot by camera. A let down, but not by much!


We went and checked out the SWAT Team tank for a bit. Brendan was a little bit too short to see through the manhole. He tried real hard, though!


Caiden was big enough. He even got to spin the manhole around using his awesome Batman muscles!


Brendan is listening to one of the cops give a talk on how to use the radios underwater.


This guy was giving Brendan a high-five but Brendan went in for a hug, instead. It was cute. The boys were so excited and happy, they didn’t care about anything!


Caiden did the high-five, though.

All-in-all, I call it an excellent night for them to remember for the rest of their lives. They both got pictures of Superman and Batman – signed by Superman and Batman. I’m saving those for them. Later, they can have them to show off. I do believe, though, they will never forget meeting their super heroes.

I have one question, though…. Why are my boys the only ones that got so excited and dressed up for this? A night of fun, laughter, free food, super heroes and cops and my boys are the only ones that got all dolled up. I think it was an awesome night.

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2 thoughts on “The Real Superman & Batman!

  1. Wonderful night and wonderful memories πŸ™‚

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