Night Out With Dad

Both of my boys attend Royal Rangers at the church. My brothers went through it and I always said I would put my own boys through the program. It is very similar to Boy Scouts except there is a strong religious tone to everything they learn. The following is a night out with Dad. Caiden spent the night with the Royal Rangers and Dad, sleeping in a TeePee.

I’ve asked Dad to post the pictures and tell a bit about what went on. I wasn’t there – no girls allowed!


I love my boys… We have two. Two of them is enough. They can play together, entertain each other, and fight against/with each other. I like the number two. I have incredible respect for people who volunteer to teach or spend time with “groups” of kids. I couldn’t do it.

The overnight TeePee camp out and morning breakfast was this last weekend. The Ranger commanders were nice enough to try and schedule it when I was home and could go with my son. When Mom told me about it and asked if I was going I thought to myself, “Sure, it will be an easy night and fun.” I was wrong and I was right both.

We got there and the first thing they do is pull out the bows, hatchets and knives!


My son has a little experience with bows, but they are the safe kind. They are made from PVC pipe and the arrows have foam tips on them. You can’t hit the side of a barn with them, but you don’t have to worry about getting shot through the eye either. These were real bows! Real arrows! Granted, they were field points and the bows were not very powerful which made it a little easier. However, I immediately went into Dad-Watch mode.


He did pretty good for how little practice he has had with the real thing. Always within a foot of the target, I was pretty proud at his shooting skills for he is only 6. They shot bows until my son got tired of it and walked over to try throwing tomahawks and knives. He was the youngest boy there that stayed the night but I kept close and tried to help him stick one in the log.


He did hit it a few times, but it never did stick. Dad even tried it a few times.. I could stick the tomahawks, but the knives I need to practice….


This is where we slept. He couldn’t wait to set up his sleeping spot. His first time sleeping in a tepee and we even had a fire burning in there for a little while before bed.


I think the part the people that officiate these little gatherings enjoy is getting our children dirty and sticky, then sending them home to us to clean them all up.


They fed them hot dogs and S’Morkies. What is a S’Morkie? Good question, and one I asked immediately after I heard the word. You roast a marshmallow then squish it between to chocolate chip cookies. We had eaten before we showed up but the boy still ate a few hot dogs and at least a couple of these “S’Morkies” even though I tried to intercept him when he went to make another of those sticky gooey things. He must be going through a growth spurt or something. I have to admit that those S’Morkie things are yummy if you want the sugar sickness….

So I spent the evening running around, trying to make sure that my son kept all his fingers and toes.. Oh and eyes! It was pretty exhausting for me. I was so happy when it was decided to climb into the tepee and try to sleep on the hard unforgiving ground. Little did I know that this was the code for lets talk and giggle until 3am! I have to give my boy credit though, once I did calm him down he was the first one asleep! I fell asleep about the same time.

Morning arrived and guess what? Yup, I was the last one to crawl out of the sleeping bag. I do mean crawl… It has been awhile since I have last slept on the dirt and my body was cussing me out the only way it could.. pain..

There was a father/son breakfast planned for that morning and we all went into the church. I cooked up the eggs while the kids played ball. Scrambled eggs and huckleberry pancakes.



After breakfast there was more throwing of sharp pointy things until it was time to leave.


It was fun and I’ll definitely do it again, but next time I’m taking ear plugs and an air mattress………


There ya have it. A night out with Dad and the Royal Rangers!

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