More Pictures?

Some more summer fun to share with you:


On August 12th, we had a small summer storm overnight. The next morning, the boys ran down to the corner of the street to jump in it. What better way to start off a morning, right?


Do you remember when you were small enough to give it every ounce of your energy – jumping into a puddle?


On the way back into the house, I stopped and looked at Caiden’s footprint. He’s on the left. Look how big he is getting? He’s nearly the size of my foot (on the right)!


I’ve had problems with my left thumb since about January. The Veteran’s Administration decided to do an MRI at the beginning of August to find out why I have a cyst on my thumb. Instead of just removing the cyst, I have to wait for two more appointments. This is the spot where they injected me with dye to see what could be causing the cyst and extreme pain on my thumb. It was bruised and ugly for over a week!


We went to WalMart and I bought the boys some new night shirts. They were $8 apiece and came with little AM/FM radios. The boys were having a blast, rocking around the house to whatever random radio station they found at that moment. This is Caiden – he was beepopping around my kitchen with the earphones in. The funniest part is when they try and talk. They raise their voice about 10 octaves to make sure they are being heard!


We took a drive a week or so back and found a place called, “Fun Farm Bridge.” Of course, I had to stop and look at it. It’s an old one-lane bridge on the way to Ashton. After driving over it and showing the boys how cool it sounds when driving over it, we stopped to walk on it and play a bit.


We ventured down to the creek below the bridge. Both boys sat down – at the edge of the water – without even caring how wet they got. However, eventually Caiden decided he had a better idea…


He got out, stripped down to underwear, and climbed in all the way.


That boy is never happier than when he is in water. I’ve got to find something for him to do this winter to keep up on his water skills. He could do good at it, with as much as he loves water. Speaking of which, the boys have started asking me if they can “play in water.” What they don’t realize is, I say yes because it means they’re taking a bath.

They get all their water toys and climb in the bathtub (naked) to play. Play for an hour or longer, depending on how much of a mess they make. There is no soap involved but, who cares? They are getting clean!


We went back over the bridge and found a boat dock run by the government. It’s actually a watering hole for many people in this area. Who knew!? Of course, we all jumped in to cool off.


Of course, Caiden goes as deep as he can. Brendan is getting so much better at water. He’s really having a great time with it this summer. He knows he can’t go lower than his chest, though.

Caiden loves to scare his mom by swimming under water. I couldn’t decide which picture to show, so the next few are a sequence caught on camera…









See, mom? Nothin to it! I love it!


And, of course, just splashing in the water is always a hit!




The fascination with blowing water out of their Noodles kept them busy for nearly a half hour. In this last shot, Brendan was trying to get Caiden wet. Caiden didn’t appear to notice. He was busy just blowing the water out of his. A perfect shot with my excellent camera! These pictures are going to be very entertaining in about 10 years.


When we were all dry, we went on up to Ashton – our original goal. While there, we saw a guy selling the real inner tubes and stopped to buy one.


I sent Jen in to buy one. It was only $15. I call that a great deal! We decided to wait until Dad came home from work to use it. Those pictures will come later.


The next morning, my first attempt at fried potatoes. It didn’t go so well. I’ll try again another time.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed them! We’ve had fun this summer, even if we stayed close to home after our 3 week vacation in May/June.

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2 thoughts on “More Pictures?

  1. lovely photos – especially love the puddles and the footprints. Good to know you are having a great summer ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you for the compliment! I see y’all are doing good, as well. I don’t always get to comment/like but I do read my emails. ๐Ÿ™‚


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