WIP Wednesday: Complete

This is a WIP Wednesday but I’ve already completed it. Back in January, I signed on at the local quilt guild to make a Dresden Plate Block. I was instructed to make it any way I wanted with no measurement requirements. I completely forgot about it until I received an email on Tuesday reminding me to have it done and ready for Thursday night (tonight).

So, yesterday, for the first time ever, I made a Dresden Plate Block. However, I made it mine… just a bit.


First step: Draw the design. I took one of the two remaining tie-dye pieces that Jen created and set about drawing my pattern out.


Looks good, so far!


Step Two: Cut out the pieces. Jen did this part.


Step Three: Set out the pieces in order. We don’t want Jen to have to do another super hard puzzle. Right?


Step Four: Sew one end (the big end) and turn. I forgot the turn part so my tips don’t look as good as they could have…


Step Five: Pin to backing fabric. At least, this is my step five. Others would have created the middle piece and sewn it all together into one giant Dresden Plate Ring. I decided to modify it slightly, so I pinned this as is. No middle…


Step Six: Sew it all down to the backing and finished. As you can see, I actually designed mine as a “Broken Dresden Plate.” I like the concept and, after I show off my block to the quilt guild, I am thinking of adding a tie-dye green piece as a stem and make it a dying flower.

Whatcha think?

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