Wagons Hooooo!

On Friday, we head off towards Bishop Mountain. The last stop before we go home after traveling for the better part of 3 weeks.


Instantly, the boys pulled out their bow and arrows to start playing and having fun. Shooting as far as they can and pretending to force the “bad guys” into jail. They’d run around, pretending to shoot you with an arrow if you didn’t “raise your hands!”



Taking a walk down the road. Not too far, of course.


Attempting to make pre-formed cookies in a wood stove oven.


They tasted alright. They just didn’t come out as good as they would have at home.



Going to Big Springs, Idaho to “Feed the Fish.” We didn’t really feed the fish but we did play in the water a few minutes before heading out to eat lunch. Of course, I’m a goober. I packed everything we could possibly need – except bread to put our sandwiches on.



Stopping on the way out to take some pictures of the pretty flowers and Caiden decided he wanted to be in the picture.


I don’t know why but I actually like this picture. Caiden insinuated himself into the picture right at the last second. I really like it, though. Not entirely sure why…


Stopping at a playground, I taught Brendan and Caiden how to swing “spider.” They’d never seen it, before.

That’s about it, for now. Pictures all caught up – for now. Later, I’ll post the pictures of us visiting Yellowstone National Park today.

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