Potato Soup, Again


Now, I’m quite sure you’re wondering why I am showing you a picture of a restaurant kitchen. Here’s the story…

A couple years back, I met an awesome lady. She had decided to uproot her entire family and purchase an old restaurant/bar with cabins and make it her own. She has struggled for two years and is still going strong – she hasn’t given up and her family has supported her the entire way.

When we were at the Hoback Guard Station, I stopped to check in on Sherri and see how things were going. She had only just opened back up after 3 weeks of shut down for repairs, maintenance and a long-overdue cleaning. The place looked great and we stopped for a bite to eat. I shouldn’t have spent the money (I got in trouble for it later) but I couldn’t *not* help out this brave lady forging her place in the world with a great cabin/restaurant location.

We got to chatting and I offered to show her how to make the 150-year old potato soup that I’d recently learned how to make and find that my family loves so very much. On Thursday, I went in and showed her cook how to make the soup. I had a blast! It was great to show off something I know to a restaurant and have them actually like it!

I really surprised her when I said the payment for the soup was a shower. She was so gracious and let me grab a quick shower. It felt great after so long without one! None of our cabins we’ve been staying in have such a thing. Or, if they did, the water hadn’t been turned on yet. A couple weeks with only a shower or two really makes things tough. I’m forever grateful for just that one quick shower!


I’m not sure if I annoyed her or not, hanging out all afternoon to make sure the soup came out great. I only know that I had a blast and I hope she adds it to the menu and sells a bunch of it! It is so simple to make and so terribly delicious!

My children met up with me later on (after their naps, of course) and had some of the soup. Of course, it was delicious and they said so. When they were finished, we all left and went back to our cabin. I didn’t want to overstay my welcome; especially with business starting to pick up for the evening.

When we were headed out of town on Friday, I stopped by to check and see how things went. I figured Sherri wouldn’t be as busy on Friday morning. Alas, I’ll never know. She didn’t come out to greet me and we drove away not knowing if it was even worth spending the day there or not. I’m sad over that.

If you’re ever in the area, stop by the Camp Creek Inn in Jackson/Hoback, Wyoming. Let me know if they are still serving my potato soup! I can say this – the food at the restaurant is always delicious (make sure you get the cheese sticks – they are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before) and worth the cost and the cabins are very quaint and fun to stay in!

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2 thoughts on “Potato Soup, Again

  1. Sounds like a fun time 🙂

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