More from Hoback

Here are some more pictures from the Hoback Guard Station with a bit of chatter from me. Enjoy!


Another bird we couldn’t quite identify but came to visit for a bit.


A failed attempt at “Pancake Pops.” I’ll have to try this one again. Of course, if I failed on an electric stove at Hoback Guard Station, what is going to happen on a wood stove at Bishop Mountain?


On Thursday morning, a truck carrying a few teenagers stopped by. They didn’t speak to us but hung out for a few minutes and then left. We were eating breakfast and did not go out to say hi. When we were ready to leave and take a drive for the morning, we noticed that they had sprayed some blue stuff in the Port-a-Potty and replaced the toilet paper.

We drove to the bottom of the hill and Jen hopped out to remove the combination lock that keeps others out of our area. This is when we noticed that those teenage punks locked the key lock and just let the combination lock hang there. They got in by the combination lock and left by locking us in with a key lock.

I was beside myself. I couldn’t believe they would be so stupid. I called the Ranger Station and 40 minutes later, they came back out to unlock us. The girl – and I do mean little GIRL – had the audacity to tell me I was supposed to use the farmer’s gate. I retorted, “No. I’m not. I have the combination to the lock for a reason. You locked the farmer’s gate and this one with a key lock when you weren’t supposed to. Don’t you dare lecture me.”

They opened the gate and we drove out – took a drive and had some fun in the car before coming back to the cabin for the day…


Dinner Wednesday night? Chili!

Except I goofed. I added just a little too much cayenne pepper and it was hot enough to clean sinuses! Jen was very polite and ate quite a bit of it. The boys had sandwiches. I was not going to subject them to the mistake I made.


We all took a walk up the mountain (big hill, really) and the boys decided they wanted to camp on the hill for the night. The following is them preparing to do that…


Brendan was supposed to stay right where he was while Caiden ran down the hill to get blankets, pillows, Butterscotch and Douglas (their stuffed animals).


Caiden yells from the bottom, “Brendan! Stand up so I can find you!”


Getting set up to stay the night. That’s Butterscotch on Brendan’s Pillow. The boys actually ended up quite a bit further down the hill than they started, by the time they got all set up and such.


There’s Douglas on Caiden’s pillow.


They were *way* up there on the hill… by the time they were done, they were just a few steps up the hill. I guess they aren’t quite ready to leave mommy that far … yet.


Mom convinced them to come down the hill before dark by building a fire. I didn’t tell them to come down. I didn’t ask them to come down. I built a fire and they came all by themselves.


Cute little fire. We had a small fire pit here so we didn’t build it up too big.


And, of course, priorities – heating water for coffee and hot chocolate. Putting it *in*  the fire made it heat up a lot faster!




Friday morning… we were up until after 2 a.m. and this is close to 10 a.m. The boys are still sleeping. They did not want to get up!


I wanted to tickle the toes but decided to be nice and not wake up Caiden grumpy.


Yeah. An angel … but only while asleep!



And it’s empty. Time for us to move on to Bishop Mountain!


And this is one of the few pictures of poor little Brendan in the Emergency Room.

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