Cooking Class: Lesson 2, Week 4

We are starting the second chapter of this book: Cookery. The dates listed are the dates for the lessons. Any section not covered with a date will be included on the date given after that section. This way, I can condense the sections and get through this quickly but efficiently, skipping nothing. This entire lesson will take 7 weeks versus the 11 weeks as originally taught. When we are finished, I am hoping we all have a good understanding (including myself) of cooking, itself!

As a reminder, the sections (and dates) are:

  1. Cookery w/recipe Baking Bread (Saturday, April 27th, 2013)
  2. Fire
  3. How to Build a Fire w/recipe Potato Soup (Saturday, May 4th, 2013, Sunday, May 12th)
  4. Ways of Cooking
  5. Various Ways of Preparing Food for Cooking w/recipe Broiled Fish (Sunday, May 12th, 2013)
  6. How to Bone a Bird w/recipe Mashed Potatoes (Saturday, May 18th, 2013, Wednesday, June 5th)
  7. How to Measure
  8. How to Combine Ingredients w/recipe Boiled Eggs (Saturday, May 25th, 2013)
  9. Ways of Preserving w/recipe Hash
  10. Table of Measures and Weights w/recipe Scalloped Eggs (Saturday, June 1st, 2013)
  11. Time Tables for Cooking w/recipe Blanc-Mange (Saturday, June 8th, 2013)

Chapter 2, Section 6: How to Bone a Bird

“In buying birds for boning, select those which have been fresh killed, dry picked and not drawn.”

Singe the bird before removing the pinfeathers, head and feet. After accomplishing this, go ahead and cut off the wings as close to the body as possible. When finished with this, take a knife and cut from neck all the way down the body. Scrape away flesh until one shoulder-blade is found and curve around that to the other shoulder-blade, removing the skin.

From there, go down the backbone to the tail of the body, remove skin from the ribs. At this time, you’ll be able to clear the wishbone and collar bones, along with the crop and windpipe (what’s a crop?). The reader is cautioned to try and not break the skin in the process, keeping it as intact as possible.

“Scrape flesh from second joints and drumsticks, laying it back and drawing off as a glove may be drawn from the hand.”

Remove the bones (the carcass) and then place the skin back on the bird, keeping as much of the original shape as possible.

Pretty straightforward and easy, eh?

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*All quotes (noted or not) are from The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book c1904, my own personal copy, unless otherwise noted.

** All opinions stated here are my own, not medically backed, unless otherwise stated.

Recipe: Mashed Potatoes

What goes better with any kind of bird (chicken or turkey) than mashed potatoes? The following is the author’s version of this favorite food.

“To five riced potatoes add three tablespoons butter, one teaspoon salt, few grains pepper, and one-third cup hot milk; beat with fork until creamy, reheat, and pile lightly in hot dish.”

Pretty basic and simple. However, what does “riced potatoes” mean? I looked…

Recipe: Riced Potatoes

“Force hot boiled potatoes through a potato ricer or coarse strainer. Server lightly piled in a hot vegetable dish.”

There ya go! I’m sure y’all didn’t need to know how to make mashed potatoes but it goes with our classes.

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