A Pig Poke

When last I wrote, we were headed from Thayne, Wyoming to Ennis, Montana. The goal: A Pig Poke… Pig Roast. Whatever you wish to call it. The distillery that we enjoy in Ennis was having a Pig Roast and we figured we’d head that way and see what it was all about. Oh, I know what they were doing. I just wanted to see what else they did with it. So, off we went on Saturday morning.

The GPS said it would take about 4 hours to get there. We went the back way, hoping Rendy would be ok with climbing the hill from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Victor/Driggs, Idaho. To get to Montana, we had to skirt around through Idaho and then back up again.

Rendy did great – with only mild warning of overheating. I was so impressed! I don’t think it can go from Driggs to Jackson but from Jackson to Driggs it did pretty good. From there, we took a new road – new to us – from Tetonia (part of the Victor/Driggs span of road) to Ashton, Idaho. What a way to come full circle, don’t you think? The road was fun and enjoyable. Quite a few ups and downs, loops and swirls at speeds of 65-70 miles per hour. We have *got* to do that again!

I have no pictures because Jen is a crappy passenger. She didn’t take any pictures, no matter how many times I said, “Oh! Pretty Picture!” I guess I need to be a little more obvious. Like… say…. smack her with the camera when I think pictures might be a good idea?

At one point, we stopped to let Caiden do is #2 duty. It was imperative and there was only one place possible – a Fly Fishing Resort of sorts in the middle of nowhere between Island Park (North of Ashton) and Ennis. When we finally found the bathrooms, there was a sign that said, “This bathroom is for resort guests only. All others will pay $5 a person, per visit.” I ripped the sign down, hid it behind a sink and let my son in to use the facilities. I don’t care. My son had to go and I thought it was asinine to charge, anyway!

From there, it was a quick jaunt into Ennis. Everyone cheered because now we’d get to see the pig we’d been talking about for two days.

Ok. That was a mild letdown. We missed the roasting of the pig and they had it all closed up. There was some food left and we gobbled it up. While we were waiting in line to get some food, I told the boys they could go check out the toys set up for the children. Caiden loved that idea, as you can tell by how fast he took off.



They had a pretty decent band playing some good music.


After watching the other children for a few moments, my boys jumped right into the action. They were taking the bean bags used for one of the games and throwing them at each other. I’m not entirely sure I approved of this action so I sent Jen to derail the boys from that activity. From there, they tried roping a bull and generally running around.



We finally got some food and settled down to eat. Caiden, of course, decided he wanted nothing that was offered except the can of Coke that he is typically forbidden to have…


And, Brendan decided he wanted a bit of everything – including the beans!


Interesting difference between the two children, eh?

I made a few phone calls, found out that we could stay at the Fairweather Inn in Virginia City relatively cheap and made some more phone calls. A little while later, we were off down the street (14 miles) to our beloved Virginia and Nevada City for another weekend of fun!


According to legend, the Fairweather Inn is haunted by two entities. The first is a little boy who was left behind in his hotel room when his family took off and forgot him. Legend says that several people have really tried to explain to him that his parents left and aren’t coming back and that he is dead and should pass on to heaven. From there, he has gone from wandering the halls to hiding under beds and crying because his parents left him. Traditionally, he is in Room 10. We stayed in Room 4. On Sunday morning, the boys asked politely if they could see Room 10 and we went up to look at it.

The second haunting is Mr Fairweather, himself. He wanders up and down the halls, looking around in wonder that someone would name a hotel after him. That’s about all of that story I recall.

When we first got to town, we saw a Mountainman’s Retreat. We stopped and looked at what they had to offer. Jen picked up some jewelry making items (she took a class in February) and the boys each got a cute necklace for five bucks.




Jen found a purse made from a turtle shell. She thought it was the neatest thing ever. She played with it for a good five minutes.


Our next stop was to get a season pass for Virginia and Nevada City. Since we plan on coming up quite often, we decided we needed to get a season pass for $99 instead of spending $49 every time we come visit. The boys rode the last train of the day down to Nevada City with Jen and I drove the Rendezvous down there to wait for them. We went into the “Living History” museum for a few minutes before heading out to find a cheaper dinner and then back to our hotel room for the night.


We did end up taking a walk and I bumped into a gal that is renting a house for $800 a month in Virginia City. I currently pay quite a bit more than that and, as many of you know, I’ve been looking to move to Montana for nearly a year. The price is right and the place is divine! I’m definitely going to be looking into that one a bit more.

During the conversation with the lady, it turns out she’d be willing to rent the main house and the guest house for $1100 a month. Still cheaper than what I pay now. Once a month, we could make a 3 hour trip to a major city and stock up on all the things that we can’t find local and in the interim, pop about 20/30 miles away to Dillon, Montana for the necessities we need. In town, during the winter months, there is one small grocery store that stays open for some of the essentials. I figure, I can get a job working for them – when I head to town, I bring back some of the stuff she wants to sell in her store. It’s an idea!

We decided that, when daddy is in town for his two weeks off work, he can drive us back to Idaho Falls to stock up on anything we need. One trip a month to the “big city” instead of worrying about food/groceries and the like every day. He could even go see his brother and family at the same time! We’d make a fun trip out of it.

Jen and I have been talking and we figure we can make quilts all winter and then try and sell them to the tourists in the summer. Make a few extra dollars that way. Of course, she also has to try and get a job at the place that makes taffy! The boys have demanded it of her. They promised they would come see her every day – even if they have to do it right after school.

The town is small and, during the off-season, a few people remain. It would be a great place to get back to “the basics” that I’ve been working for during the past year. They could practice riding their bikes on dirt roads with very little traffic to worry them and grow up in the clean Montana air!

It would be an adjustment. I wouldn’t have Shari’s right down the street to sit at; we wouldn’t be able to pop off for fast food or sodas on a whim. That would save us quite a bit of money, all by itself!



We walked around for a bit and then took the boys home to get them to sleep. They were excited about meeting up with a ghost but I managed to get them to sleep before too long. It wasn’t until morning that Caiden remembered he was supposed to stay up and sleep in the hallways to look for the little ghost boy.

That was the most of our adventures for Saturday. Next post, Sunday! The Living Museum, Caiden sits on the witness stand for a trial and we try and get a man hanged.

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