BeeBoping Around Wyoming…

When I last left you, we were leaving our cabin at Deer Creek and staying in Thayne, Wyoming. The following are some pictures from that adventure, as short as it was…


The “cabin” we stayed in. It was like a 5-star hotel compared to the Forest Service Cabins we have been staying in. It did not have a kitchen but it did have a huge jetted tub, 2 queen sized beds with relatively good mattresses, no bugs and clean floors. While I took a very long, luxurious bath, Jen took the boys down the road a ways for some ice cream and play time at a place we passed. They had all sorts of cute buildings that were not for playing but rather for taking pictures. And, take pictures she did!



From what she said, they had a blast pretending to take each other to jail in the buggy and locking each other up for a time.


They would pretend to rob this bank and get caught, get dragged off to the paddy wagon and delivered to jail. Later, they would “escape” and the other child would rob the bank and start the game all over again.


Dirt. Why does it always have to be mud and dirt?! Good thing there was a tub where we were. . . I had Jen throw them in there as soon as she got back.



You won’t believe this but the boys actually came up with an ingenious way to have their brother look through the bars of the jail. One would kneel on the ground and the other would stand on their back. Jen swears to me that she did not give the boys this idea!



Isn’t that just the cutest thing? I wish I had been there to see it. I did get to see it later on, when we went back this way for dinner. Speaking of which, Jen is never picking where we eat dinner (or lunch) ever again. We shelled out over $30 dollars for a couple burgers and fries – and not very good ones at that!


Jen told me a story of this little 6-year old boy showing up and, at one point, making the mistake of saying, “More Better” around Caiden. Without missing a beat, Caiden piped up and said, “That’s bad English. You should just say better, not ‘more better.'”

That’s my boy! I’m so proud! Of course, right after that, Jen informs me, the boys all decided to try and flip a skateboard up into the air. Talk about teamwork!


Really!? She said they succeeded a few times. She finally gave up and let them play with admonitions to make sure no one got hurt.

After she got back, we washed up the boys and got them redressed. Jen started laundry and we head off to eat dinner. I don’t think we’ll ever eat there again and next time, Jen better not pick something so expensive! If I let her pick again, that is …..

When we got home, we played some of our card game for a bit and, when it started getting dark, head outside to catch the sunset behind our cabin. Here’s a few pictures from that.


Sunset behind our cabin with a river that runs behind the cabin. Personally, I like the picture below better than the sunset picture.


To the left of the sunset, behind our cabin.


Maybe I’m doing my settings wrong. I just can’t seem to find a good picture of the sunset.

We let the boys play a little late and repacked Rendy for an early morning drive. Our new goal? Head to Ennis, Montana to see the Pig Poke/Pig Roast. From there, maybe we’ll stay in Virginia City on the way home. We haven’t decided, at this point.

More to come! Next post…

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