Virginia & Nevada City, Day 3


After the boys were asleep, we put them in the same bed on Saturday night. Experience showed, on Friday night, that Brendan would kick both of us out of bed on a whim and no one would get any “good” sleep. This is what the little angels looked like. I use the term “angels” loosely, of course!


The morning was not so beautiful on Day 3. Well, it was pretty and all but, with the lack of sleep, it wasn’t “beautiful.” The boys were up as soon as the sun came up. In Montana, that means extremely early in the morning!


There is just something wrong about someone being that happy on a morning when enough sleep has been elusive for 2 days!


Sourdough french toast for breakfast with sausage and a strawberry. We did get fruit cups and the biscuits and gravy. I stayed away from the biscuits and gravy on Sunday morning. I didn’t want to be overstuffed, this time!


Taking a walk around Virginia City before the crowds arrive (nothing was open, everyone who lives here was in church and there was no coffee to be had).


Supposedly, this house is haunted by a giant dog. It barks and snarls at you, making quite a fuss, until you turn around to confront him. At that point, he disappears and peace descends for a time.


One of the locals trying to convince my babies that he had an actual picture of a ghost.


Showing the boys where 5 men were hanged from the beam of an unfinished building. At least, it was unfinished 150 years ago. Now, they have it all nice and sparkly except for the section used to hang some men.


Taking pictures of some horseshoe prints. Apparently, in the middle of the night, a team of horses runs down this road. They make quite a racket but cease and desist, disappearing when someone looks out the window to catch them at it.


While looking at one supposedly haunted house, daddy elected to stand back quite a ways… Scared much, Dad?


Watching one of the locals make taffy. Yum! This adventure lasted nearly a half hour.


We bumped into the same men from yesterday. The best part was Brendan pulling out his camera to shock them again! He remembered their … excitement from the day before.


Panning for gold in Nevada City. We drove from Virginia City down there to pan for gold and visit the living museum again. On the way out of Virginia, I asked Dad if he wanted to stop and schedule the train ride for the boys for later in the day. He said, “Nah. We can do that in Nevada City.” I didn’t say another word but later, we had to drive back to Virginia City to get the boys on the train one last time. No one was in Nevada City to set up or take them. Daddy was now 3 and Jen was 2 for stupid moves this weekend.


Looking for garnets or gold. We found a little.. nothing to “write home about,” though.


Back in the “Living Museum,” we run into a lady that’s making a rug from scraps. She took us into her house and showed us how to make yarn, as well.



This is how yarn starts.


You have to brush it out and then use the wheel above to wind it up. Jen got to try it out but ran like a scared little girl when asked if she wanted to work the wheel.


My boys got to “comb” it out, as well!


The Chinese section of Nevada City.


Brendan helping another lady make yarn. She actually let him keep a little bit that he made. He was so proud of it, he showed it off to everyone!


A boot maker’s shop.


I can’t find any pictures of the lady; however, the lady that feeds all the volunteers for the “Living Museum” makes a divine potato soup! She also makes some delicious biscuits with little flecks of bacon in them. I got both recipes and will try to make it soon! I can’t wait to go to a cabin so I can practice cooking on a wood stove like she does!


While I was snitching some of the cooks food, Whiskey Joe took Caiden over to another building (the old postal office) and convinced Caiden to help him snitch some food through the window. Apparently, the post mistress left some biscuits cooling on the table and the window open. Whiskey Joe and Caiden were in the process of taking one when she came in and found them. She yelled at them and then made them ask for a biscuit. After she gave one to Caiden, he hauled his butt back to where mommy and daddy were. I don’t think he trusted Whiskey Joe anymore after that.


All in all, it was a great weekend. When we were done here, we got in the car and headed off towards home. I enjoyed every minute (except for tired and cranky babies) and I’m hoping to go back several more times this summer!

Watch for another post that shows all the shots I took of this town that were “superb” for a budding photographer. These three posts were about showing our trip, not showing off. Another post will do that for me!

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7 thoughts on “Virginia & Nevada City, Day 3

  1. Loved this post, what fun panning for gold. a couple of questions, I was watching a programme on tv the other night and got the recipe for American biscuits and it said shortening. is that the same as we call lard? do you know? it looked like it and what is taffy? seen it on the tv show friends with ross going loopy over it but what is it?!
    I love those sorts of places showing history and the ways of old. so educational too, glad you had fun x

    • Lard = shortening, yes. Depends on how it is made that determines the name. As I understand it, lard is from bacon grease and the like. Shortening, you buy in a can premade. That’s my take on things.

      How do you describe taffy? Sugar, stretched many times, flavored and can melt in your mouth (not like chocolate) or you can chew it – it is quite chewy.

      Look for more tomorrow. I’m out of town until Friday and we’ve had a blast! Especially that delicious potato soup!

      • A ha 🙂 so where does salt water taffy come in? That had us thinking it was seaweed lol
        Our lard comes wrapped a bit like butter, funny the differences

      • Salt Water Taffy is typically found at the coast – Oregon or Maryland, even California. Not entirely sure how they make it.

  2. Potato soup and bacon biscuits. Sounds like a good thing to make here today… rainy and cool. Looks like such fun, Naia:)

    • We actually did make some. I’ll show ya the pictures and such here in a little bit. I’m finally where I have power for laptop and an actual signal I can use!

      Thank you, Janelle!

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