Virginia & Nevada City, Day 2


Saturday came early but beautiful and we head over to the “Big House” for breakfast…



Delicious apple crisp (they made a bowl of fruit for Caiden), some biscuits and gravy and then an omelet with potatoes and bacon. We were stuffed full by the time we finished and head out to start out day touring Virginia City & Nevada City.


Except, just as we passed Nevada City and head into Virginia City, the gas light came on.


I wasn’t driving! Mark was. And, we passed one gas station on the way into town – and there are no such things in Virginia or Nevada City. The closest was 9 miles away…


Through some really nice hilly areas, too! Hills means using more gas to climb them instead of a flat road that takes very little gas…


We’ve already climbed most of the hills and town is waaaay down there on the left….


I’ve never had the gas needle down that low – ever! Of course, it was always my understanding that you coast as much as possible and don’t go super fast, as it takes more gas to do so. He was topping 75 in some spots. I was really starting to worry we would not make it.


Phew! We made it!


$58 dollars in gas later…. I can’t remember what Jen did but, at this point, Mark and Jen were 2 for 2. They were both tied at “stupid things done” through the weekend.

Since we were in Ennis, Montana, I took Dad to the Distillery that Jen and I had gone to back in February. I wanted to show him where we got that disgusting moonshine and, perhaps, get him a taste of what the lady here can make. She can do much better than I.


He liked it. We didn’t finish it. It would have put both of us on our butts and we wouldn’t have been able to drive to Virginia City and play around for quite some time. I did manage another cool picture of our drink, though…


And, with that, we’re off! Headed back to Virginia City to start our exploring!


Some of the buildings were left to sit exactly they way they had been 150 years ago and …


some were being used. They left the building the way it was – with very few modifications at all – and used it for their shops in that condition.


There were modernized stage coaches you could rent to take you around town – complete with lectures about the town. We didn’t do this.


A train ran between Virginia City and Nevada City – with lectures and story-telling on the way. We did ride this. We couldn’t not, since the boys love the trains so much!



Between Nevada City and Virginia City was another city called Central City. Unfortunately, this city did not last, did not thrive and there is very little left of it besides the sign and a couple buildings.


This was the point where we realized – the babies were getting tired. They didn’t sleep nearly late enough for how late they stayed up. Brendan started complaining about the tour guide/conductor waking him up with his constant talking.


Entering Nevada City…

In Nevada City, we went to a “Living Museum.” In this, I mean, there are people that portray actual people living 150 years ago. I didn’t get too many good pictures this time around. When I do “Day 3,” you’ll see some great pictures of that.


A couple of the characters we met this weekend.


There were even children who played along with pretending to be from 150 years ago!



This is Whiskey Joe. On Day 3, he actually got Caiden in trouble! Wait and see! They boys loved him. He really did act like he was the “town drunk” with my boys. And, because he’s so furry and looking like a grandpa, the boys took to him real fast.



This gentleman had never “seen a camera that small before.” The boys were having a great time trying to explain it all to him!


When we got done with the “Living Museum,” Brendan tried to pass out on the floor. He couldn’t walk another step. We ate lunch and then jumped on the train to go back to Virginia City (where Rendy waited for us – full of gas).


Charles Bovey! That was the name of the man who put everything he had (financially and physically) into restoring Virginia City and Nevada City to the way it was so it could be enjoyed by all. He would take apart a house, one nail at a time and rebuild it with the nails exactly where they were before. He took a lot of time, paid a great deal of attention to detail, in restoring the towns.


The conductor let the boys pull the string for the bell on the way back to Virginia City. It was such a super treat for them! They enjoyed every minute of it!

From there, we went back to the cabin. The boys slept on the way back (under threat by me if they didn’t) and when we got there, dad and I took an hour and a half nap. By dark, after feeding the children, Jen and I were ready to head back and go on the “Ghost Walk.”

This is a walk through the town where they talk about the murders that happened and the various hauntings that occur in Virginia City. We didn’t see any ghosts and most of my pictures didn’t turn out so well. I’ll have to go through them carefully at a later date so I can do a post just on pictures that are “spectacular” from our weekend.

That’s it for Day 2. The boys passed out pretty quickly and slept until a little after 6 on Sunday morning… but that’s the next story.

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  1. Brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚ loving traveling with you, yum that breakfast looks good ๐Ÿ™‚

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