Virginia & Nevada City, Day 1

Secondary post title: “It never gets dark in Montana!

On Friday, after the hectic week, we set off for Virginia and Nevada City. This was opening weekend for this area and we had already arranged a cabin to stay in until Sunday. This town was part of a huge gold rush 150 years ago. They have tried to preserve it as best they could and keep as much of the original town intact. One man, I’ve forgotten his name, was the reason behind the preservation and everything branched off from him. He actually moved other “old” houses to this area as a means of preserving them, as well.

After a terrible Friday, in which I had to get the air conditioner fixed on Rendy and get other stuff done, we set off late. It was nearly 3 p.m. and we were supposed to leave at noon, when the babies got finished with their last day of school.


Finally, we were on our way. Rendy was packed full and excitement filled the air.


We were in the last cabin on the left. The cabin on the right is the “Big House.” This is where we get fed our breakfast and it has tables, movies, books and games for us to play if we’re not out and about, checking out the area.


We fed the babies sandwiches with cucumbers and this is where I found out I had forgotten mayonnaise, mustard, Ranch dressing for the cucumbers and various other things.


The entire weekend, the boys played on this fence. It was to keep the horses in the pasture but the children had more fun with it than anything else we did this past weekend.


Our one-room cabin for the weekend.


After feeding the hellions, we set off for a walk around this small town we were staying it. We were in Laurin (pronounced: lauraine, actually), Montana at a wonderful place: Elijah’s Rest. We were only 10 miles away from our weekend destination but the cost was much better than trying to stay in town!

Looking around Laurin, we found quite a few neat places. I’m actually thinking, moving here wouldn’t be so bad!


A very old Catholic Church. It was open to the public, so we went in and wandered around. Quietly, of course!


Walking into it, it was a pleasure to instruct my children on a faith that isn’t their own. They’ve never seen a Catholic church, so it was fun telling them what each piece and part was all about.


“You can touch, but please don’t ring the bell, Caiden!”


The Choir Loft.


I explained to Caiden what the candles and bench were all about and he turned around and explained it to his brother. It was cute to watch one teaching the other.


Jen had never seen stained glass windows before and these were quite old. Nothing new about them. She had to touch and see what they felt like.



The back of the church. What a unique and interesting design.


There was also an old-er type school. We weren’t quite sure what was going on with this. We couldn’t tell if someone was living there or not. We wandered on…


Another look at our cabin – from the other side.


We were walking over a wooden bridge spanning a creek when a local dog picked up and joined us. He walked with us for quite some time before heading off home.




When we crossed back over the creek, the dog swam in the water across while we walked across. The boys were watching him close to see if he came back to join us on our walk again.


There was an invisible line in the road that the dog wouldn’t cross. He only walked as far as that on our way back to the cabin and stopped. He watched my boys walk away without moving and, after we’d got a little way away, turned and headed home.

The backpacks on the boys was my idea. It holds a few toys, their cameras and sometimes snacks. This was our first weekend using them. I am thinking we’ll use them a lot this summer. Get the boys used to carrying their own things – instead of mom (or Nanny) carrying everything. This weekend, it seemed to work out – except Brendan would set his down to get something out of it and forget to pick it back up.


Beautiful, beautiful area we were in.


With a lot of deer that scattered when we got close.


Plenty of old equipment mixed in with some newer stuff. It’s a picture-takers paradise!


Is it any wonder that I really want to move to Montana!?

When we got back, the boys were playing and waiting for dark.


Without warning, Brendan climbed over the fence and started taking off across the field.


I sent Jen after them and they wandered around a bit, looking at some stuff while scaring mom (I thought for sure they were going to fall into the ditch – full of fast-moving water).


They were having fun (sort of), wandering around and looking at stuff when Jen grabbed my children and started running back. She was running, flipping her hair to look over her shoulder and urging the babies to run faster, faster! When we could finally hear what she was saying, Mark and I started looking for the “huge killer dog” she was running from.


This is all we could see.

Eventually, we worked out what it was…


Giant, killer sheep – stuck behind two different fences and in no way able to get anywhere near my children. Rams, actually.

It took all weekend to get a picture of what had caused Jen to run like mad across the field with my children. They kept hiding in their owner’s back yard, every time we tried to get a picture. It was the joke of the weekend that we had, “killer disappearing sheep” near our cabin.

Since it was still not dark out, we decided to take a drive and look for a soda.


Quite a few cows/bulls and deer but no gas station anywhere (that was open at this hour). We drove towards Virginia/Nevada City – no dice. We went the other direction, towards and into Sheridan – nothing open. Dejected and lacking a refreshing drink, we went back to the cabin to continue waiting for dark.


We watched the moon rise but it was still bright as daylight outside!


See, the thing is, the boys had these really neat glow-stick swords that they wanted to play with. You have to wait until dark so you can actually see them light up. However…

It would not get dark!

We waited and waited…

The boys were getting bored, so they started picking on daddy. They were teasing him that he couldn’t catch them. The following should remind you of the pictures of Brendan trying to jump the pole at school. Again, I love my camera! I was inside the cabin for some reason and Jen caught the entire thing. My camera takes such fast pictures, nothing is left out… Enjoy!






She didn’t get the last picture, where Daddy actually did fall down but this picture here shows how he’s on his way down. It was after this incident that I started keeping score. Jen and Daddy were tied for “stupid moves” for the weekend! I made Mark explain to our hosts that he was the idiot that broke the fence. Unfortunately, they were very gracious about it – I was hoping for more embarrassment of Daddy because he pulled such a stupid stunt!


Finally, it got dark enough to play with their glow sticks. It was past 9 p.m. and the boys didn’t get to bed until nearly 11 or so because of waiting so long and ending up so hyper by the time it finally got dark!


Caiden was hiding behind this log, thinking I couldn’t find and take a picture of him.



And that’s it for “Day 1 in Montana.” I hope you enjoyed this peek at the beginning of our Memorial Day Weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Virginia & Nevada City, Day 1

  1. Where I was standing it looked huge. Darn sheeps.

    • Uh, huh. It was nearly a half mile away, Jen – it couldn’t have looked huge.

  2. All I have to say on it is, you know the boys can run really fast when there really is danger after them.

    • No. They run really fast when the Nanny scares the crap out of them for no reason….

  3. There is that.

  4. Better safe than sorry 🙂 Jen.. watch out, killer ant.. 🙂
    I enjoyed seeing the tour of where you stayed. Did you know churches were built like that to form a crucifix from above? many of ours are that design.

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