End of School Party

A few pictures of Brendan’s “End of School Year” party. I sat in the back and just snapped pictures while the other moms were running around with the children. Yes. I’m a wimp!


It wouldn’t be a post about Brendan’s class if I didn’t drop a picture of his friend who is a girl and the baby sister.


The teacher playing with bubbles.


Concentrating really hard to write his name on a present for the teacher.


Sharing his birthday present with a friend in his class. It was so cute to watch those two run around, taking pictures.




Ok. He was supposed to go UNDER the bar. He jumped… I’m not entirely sure why… but he did go under it and didn’t knock the bar off. What a weird child!


The following series of pictures were my son attempting to jump over the bar – again! Flipping through them fast is a lot more fun than scrolling. His dad and I spent five minutes laughing as we went forward and backward….






You gotta wonder what he was thinking… I mean, he’s not that tall, yet!


Watching his friend who is a girl bowling. And with that, we close this post. It looked like he had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see how much he grows and learns before Kindergarten in the fall.

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5 thoughts on “End of School Party

  1. You guys break up for summer early. do you go back earlier too? our hols tend to be 18th July til 4th sept.

    • They’ll go back to school the last week of August. šŸ™‚

      • so about 11/12 weeks? ouch. maybe you don’t have so many little breaks we do. ours are off this week for example.

      • Nah. They get a week at Christmas and a week in March/April for Spring Break. That’s it. Otherwise, they get a few days here and there.

      • works out in the wash. I would be happy for less summer hols then ours get never mind yours.

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