Yet Again…

Yet again, I have to play catch up. I’ve been doing quite a few things and haven’t “made time” to sit and write in my blog. It’s been a very active week, for sure!

On the 21st, we had an early birthday party for Brendan. His Grandma Donna could come up on Tuesday (the 21st) and stay overnight for the school program on Wednesday. It was a perfect time to make sure Grandma could be there. I learned, a long time ago, only plan around Grandma Donna. No one else will be satisfied but if I can get Grandma to show up, I’ve done good.


Getting ready for the party and waiting for me to get home from working.


For Brendan’s birthday, we got quite a few “outdoor” toys at the dollar store. We put them all around the yard and let the boys out to find them and play with them while we were cooking dinner on the grill. It was great fun teaching them how to play badminton and softball.


Go Caiden!


We had a lot of fun playing our version of Softball.


Caiden had fun with these. He kept trying to get both of them spinning at the same time. It should be fun watching him figure it out!


Brendan was trying to play Badminton and kept swinging at the birdie on the ground. Teaching them isn’t so easy.


If you can’t hit it in the air, practice drop-hitting it, then.


And then giggle like mad when you finally launch it into the air – no matter which direction it goes or where it lands!


Get all excited, look amazing while waiting for the frisbee to come to your hands and then … at the last second, miss.

Yeah, they need a lot of practice this summer.


And, of course, get super excited when the frisbee *does* land in your hands!


I love the look on his face when he figures out that he actually got a Superman cape!


Oh yeah. A score with this present!


Spiderman and Superman all in the same birthday!? WOW!


Jen is teaching Brendan how to jump rope. He got one in his stuff – another activity toy for the boys this summer.


I told dad, under no circumstances will he buy a water gun for my son for his birthday. So, he got his mother to buy one for Brendan.


I think, if he hadn’t put the tape on his lips, he would have smiled. Alas, I didn’t get an excited face when he saw he got a camera. He loves to take pictures with mine so I figured it was only fitting to give him one that won’t hurt me too badly if it broke.


Dad was a little nervous about buying him a camera for his one “super” present. As soon as Brendan hot foot it outside to start taking pictures of flowers, daddy understood and agreed with my decision.


Brendan’s cake – Spiderman, of course!


Oh, and he loved the cake. It was a surprise what kind of cake mom was getting.


Even Caiden liked it. He told me to say, “Caiden got his cake and stuffed it in his face.” He’s watching me write this post about Brendan’s birthday.


Brendan enjoyed it, as well.


And then, back outside for some more fake softball. Brendan learned that “stealing” bases was fun and did it relentlessly. Oh, and that little guy? He’s quick!


Obviously, we need to teach Caiden how to bat.

There is quite a few more pictures; however, that’s about the entirety of the story. I have a few of the birthday spankings but none that were really worthy of posting.

His real birthday is in a few days – on Tuesday. He’ll officially be 5, at that point.

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2 thoughts on “Yet Again…

  1. Happy Birthday Brendan! 5 wow! love the cake face pic 🙂

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