Visiting Brendan’s Class – Again!

Nearly a month ago, Brendan started getting jealous of me visiting Caiden’s class. He is too small to realize that I was doing it to keep Caiden on task. Give him a little extra boost to work his butt off in class. Brendan asked me to visit his classroom. I told him to ask his teacher and find out when would be a good time for mommy to spend the day in his classroom. She said that Monday, May 20th would be a great time. She was planning on having his birthday party on that day – before school ended. His birthday is actually the 28th of May; however, that date is after school ends, so she does it early. I like that idea!


On Sunday night, we made some strawberry muffins with strawberry frosting at Brendan’s request.


We got a big box and then realized it was much too big. We had plenty of room left over, after putting the cupcakes in.


I packed up some little goodies in bags for his classmates and placed them in the picnic basket to take with the cupcakes.


And off to school we go. Mom and Dad both spent the day with Brendan in class on Monday. The reason his cheeks look puffed out is because he “caught a bubble.” In class, when the teacher needs you to be quiet, she tells you to “catch a bubble.” You fill your mouth with air and, by keeping it in there, you can’t talk. He was waiting to say his Pledge of Allegiance and had caught his bubble beforehand.


He made a self-portrait.


Brendan took my camera and the first thing he did was take pictures of his friend who is a girl. There are several of her. I just hope I don’t get in trouble for posting it.


Waiting to pray so he can eat his birthday cupcakes with his friends.


Class picture with silly glasses that mommy put in the little treat bags.


Gorgeous little boy.

And that was that – another trip to a preschool class with all body parts and mental faculties intact.

There’s more to come, as I get caught up. Right now, I need to get moving so I can get to his preschool graduation on time and get a lot of pictures of that!

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2 thoughts on “Visiting Brendan’s Class – Again!

  1. That’s one of the things we’ve missed out on as homeschoolers. Love the interest you take in your kids and their friends.

    • Thank you, Janelle! Yeah, at the beginning of the year, the room full of screaming 4-year olds was scary. Now? Not so bad…. mostly. 🙂

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