Fishing on Saturday

A free fishing and learning experience was available on Saturday. My boys went with daddy and, from the pictures I found on my camera, had fun.


I have a few questions, though. First, why isn’t daddy teaching them they are supposed to put the hook in the water?


Well, he got it in the right direction this time – but still – there’s no water!


I’m not sure what he’s doing but it looks like he might be picking up the hook and placing it in the water. I guess that works. I thought it was supposed to be daddy teaching the boys how to fish?


Finally! Success! It’s in the water! Only took how long?


I don’t even want to go there with Caiden. I mean, seriously daddy, what’s with throwing the tip of the pole straight into the water?!

I knew I should have gone to teach them proper!


Now that’s good. They both have poles in the water and look to be having fun. Caiden is even standing like I’ve seen their uncle do – one leg cocked up. I actually thought, at this point, the rest of the day would go smoother. Flipping to the next picture, I see this….


and this…


Ok,… what happened? Did both of them get their hook lost or stuck in the rocks? At this point, I think daddy should put down the camera and help them.

But wait … there’s more!


If you can’t fish, eat candy.

And that concludes this episode of, “Daddy teaches Fishing.” I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

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P.S., I really have no clue of the sequence of events in the pictures. I haven’t been told. I was just making it up as I went along. I hope you enjoyed it!

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