Blackmail Creates Hard Workers

This past weekend, I had the urge to finally clean the kitchen and dining room floors. They were getting rather disgusting and, after waiting for quite some time for Jen to do it, I decided I would get it done. However, before I could get started, I had a brilliant idea!

Everyone in the family wanted to play Minecraft. It’s what we do on the weekends – if we aren’t doing anything else. I told them all that there would be no Minecraft until my kitchen and dining room floors were done.

This is the result:






And, of course, everyone’s a critic… Brendan was telling Caiden he missed a spot….


I couldn’t believe the gall of Brendan – he might be turning 5 but his brother is still bigger!

I ended up getting down on the floor and helping. There were quite a few spots they missed. It was fun and we had quite a few laughs over washing the kitchen and dining room floors. I have one question, though…

Where was Jen?

I’ve looked over the pictures twice and there’s no Jen. The one that didn’t clean the floors before I pulled the plug on the computers is the only one NOT helping.


This means I have to come up with a really good punishment for her. I think I’ll cancel my Netflix account. She’ll be screwed. She loves her TV and movies on Netflix.

We got the kitchen and dining room sparkling and shiny and settled in to play Minecraft. It was cute – the babies working so hard to get something done so they could play.

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9 thoughts on “Blackmail Creates Hard Workers

  1. So Jen.. where were you?! 🙂

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