The 2nd Quilt

If you remember, I busted my butt making a quilt for my son’s 1st grade class. They were going to auction it off on May 10th to raise funds for the school. I haven’t found out how much it went for at the auction yet but I will. However, while I was doing that, I was doing something else, as well…


I was making two. One for the auction and one for the teacher herself. It was a trial in patience and I nearly gave up. I had to redo the embroidered letters a few times…


I can’t believe how bad the S puckered. Not just once, but several times. I finally did get a good S and put the quilt together. The first one was delivered and sold at the auction on this Friday past. The second one was hidden at the Quilter’s until Monday. When he called and told me it was done, I was ecstatic! I could finally put the finishing touches on it and give it to the teacher. Only a few days late for Teacher Appreciation Week.


Some of the beautiful pictures I couldn’t show before – you can see two quilts in this picture and the 2nd quilt was a secret from the teacher, so I couldn’t show it.




The kids all lined up, ready to put their hand prints and names on the two quilts. They were getting a lecture on keeping a secret so the teacher would be surprised.

There you have it – the big secret I’ve been keeping for several weeks – I didn’t spend 24 hours making one quilt. I spent the better part of 24 hours making TWO quilts!

Here is a picture of the auction quilt on display at the school on Friday afternoon, May 10th:


Yes. It was gorgeous!


You can see, because of what the quilter did, the S came out looking just fine on the quilt for the teacher. The difference between this quilt and the one that went to the auction? The backing is not linen on this one for the teacher and the quilt that went up for auction did not have a black border – it had the linen flipped from back to front.

Here are some pictures from the quilt presentation on Tuesday…


We had them all line up against the wall (after we threw the teacher out of her classroom) and take their shoes off. From there, they were told to sit on their own hand prints and keep really quiet until the teacher came back. As soon as she walked in the door, they were supposed to yell, “Surprise!”


She walked in and they let loose. I’m quite sure they were heard clear out on the highway, yelling out their “Surprise!” at the teacher!

And then, she said, “Give me a hug.”


And they dog-piled her. It was funny to watch and my camera took such fast pictures, I’ve the entire event captured. Flipping through the pictures really fast, you can actually see her getting dog-piled by 14 screaming children.


They were hyper and jumping around, playing with the quilt when we left the classroom to head home. We left the teacher with a beautiful present and some over-excited children to deal with.

It was awesome!

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2 thoughts on “The 2nd Quilt

  1. Wow what a treasure for her. Lovely thought x

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