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I’ve had a great deal of fun taking pictures. However, since I’ve been playing (too much) with Jen’s brother, I haven’t posted them. I haven’t kept up on anything! I’m firing him as my friend until I get caught up. We’re going to go through my pictures folder. There is 20 different folders with a grand total of 3,991 pictures to share. Of course, I’ll not post all of them. I’ll pick and choose and tell y’all what we’ve been up to the past two weeks.

I deleted three folders and got down to 3,813 pictures left simply by getting rid of the school quilt and teacher quilt pictures. The originals (without watermarks) have already been stored for long-term. The watermarked ones are now gone.

We had snow on April 30th. I deleted those 3 pictures and the folder. We’re down to 3,810.

I have one folder called, “Food Stamp Test.” I’m running an experiment and will reveal that at the end of May. So, that folder is shoved aside for the moment, losing another folder and 3 more pictures. We’re down to 3,807 pictures left.

On May 5th, Jen’s brother was visiting. Of him playing with the boys, I got 169 pictures. I’ll skip those and move on to later in the day. I taught her brother a little about what I know of my camera and we took off to Snake River Landing to take some pictures. The boys had fun running around (except when getting told to not run so close to the falls) and we got 340 pictures. I’ll show ya just a few of what we practiced taking pictures of.


A quick shot of Brendan being goofy. That isn’t hairspray or water holding his hair up. This is how sweaty he was after running around, playing tag and War Games with Matthew and Caiden.





Yes. It’s spring when the goslings come out to play.


What a perfect capture! The gosling had just jumped into the water – can you see the splash clear up the screen?

Ok, so that’s Snake River Landing with it’s ducks and geese. Finishing this folder leaves 13 folders and 3,297 pictures. Next up: Crushing Matthew’s Bridge…


For one of Matthew’s college classes, he had to design a bridge that could take 1000 lbs of pressure before falling apart. The closest anyone in his class got was 300 lbs. He didn’t finish his bridge in time for the official contest but, last Wednesday, he turned it in for a grade. I went down to his school to take video and pictures of this amazing event – crushing the hard work of a student…. deliberately!


The bridge is placed in this machine and they slowly apply pressure until it cracks, breaks or completely falls apart.


And it broke. How much pressure did it take, though? Did he beat the highest in the class?


The teacher checks the gauge… it reads, “450 lbs!”


Him and the teacher inspecting the damage to the bridge. It only broke on one corner, so small and insignificant but caused the rest of the bridge to cave in.


And, if I understand correctly, he got the “Pig Award” for “over-designing” his bridge. If he had finished the Friday of the contest (instead of a few days later), he’d have one first place for getting the closest to 1000 lbs.


We’re done that folder and we’ve got 12 folders and 3,148 pictures left. For our next foray into picture land, we go with Brendan’s class to the Zoo!


Let’s start with the ugliest bird I’ve ever seen. I can’t recall the name of it but it looks like it is part of the tree it is sitting on! I couldn’t get any closer to make him stand out. I’m sure  you get the idea with this picture, though – he’s UGLY!


Using the tricks I learned from Patrick on his website, I managed to get the fence to nearly disappear. I was so proud of myself!


The children we were responsible for. Yeah, me. Responsible for someone else’s children. This is where Jen comes in.



I manged to get half of the fence blurred out.


My son was trying to get the lion’s attention. He was “roaring” as loud as he could… and the lion?


Just kept sleeping. He did flick his tail up a time or two when Brendan tried to rouse him but that was all the reaction he got.\


Apparently, someone didn’t tell Brendan’s teacher that “Flowers Get Kisses.” He walked away so sad after giving her that beautiful flower and getting nothing in return.


And we’re just about ready to leave. He was contemplating the tree but I’m not quite sure why – and he isn’t telling.

With that folder done, we managed to get down to 2,333 pictures remaining. That’ll be the next post, I think.

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2 thoughts on “Pictures Folder

  1. It’s warm in your neck of the woods! We had a few days but it’s gone again.

    • Yes, it was warm for a bit. It’s supposed to be cold (with rain) for the next three days.

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