I lied…

It wasn’t on purpose, of course. I was getting ready to shut down my computer when I remembered I had brought my card from the camera and needed to get the pictures off of it. In doing so, I found 614 pictures from the last two days that I hadn’t sorted and gone through. So, I’ll be doing one more post as I finish those off. I think you’ll like what I got pictures of.


First up, Matt being a complete goof. He put on my son’s Batman costume and was running around, pretending to be a super hero.


He’ll pro’lly kill me for showing these pictures but, since I’ve started, let’s continue…


Moving right along…


I love this picture of my son. It was just a random shot and it was beautiful!


“Pick me up so I can hang off the bar, Dad!”


Helping dad cook dinner.


Caiden is trying to climb a tree. Where did the time go? A year ago, I would have made him get down so he wouldn’t hurt himself! Now, I’m watching him try and learn without interfering…. much. It is hard to keep my mouth shut. I’m the one with the irrational fears, remember?


Do you see the contemplation on his face? He is seriously trying to figure out how he can get into the tree. He continues trying for about 30 minutes.


He managed to get a hold of the branch above his head. Now, he has to figure out how to get the rest of him on that branch…


He scratched his finger and, after showing it to Dad, turned to me and started heading over. When asked if he wanted a band-aid or something, he said no and went back to his tree for a few more minutes.


At this point, Caiden decided to try to jump from one corner of the fence to the other. I caught him in mid-air twice. This picture is definitely better than the other.


What would one of my blog posts be without a picture of the food? Dinner’s ready!


When he finally finished his dinner, Brendan was told he could have the slice of watermelon in the kitchen. We’d already eaten ours – he just took longer to finish. Instead of coming out with the slice cut for him, he brought out the end that was going to be wrapped and placed in the fridge…

The following pictures are of Brendan eating the entire thing – by himself!






I wonder if he was praying to God, asking if he could make the rest of the watermelon disappear.


And he’s done.


He walked into the house and ….


And lay down on the couch. We covered him with a blanket. In the grand scheme of things, he really didn’t eat that much. Watermelon is mostly water. I can imagine his tummy is full of water, though…

We’ll see how he feels in the morning. He missed school today for his 5 year old check up and shots (he’s got 2 weeks until he’s 5). He was allowed a little fun this evening. Even mom didn’t try to stop him.

And finally, all the pictures are gone through. I can sleep tonight, knowing I am finally all caught up.

So, Matt – ready to play?

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4 thoughts on “I lied…

  1. Brilliant pics, loving the superhero and the watermelon blow out, your blog reminds me a little of the observations I had to do of children to understand child development and behaviour when I was training all those years ago.

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