Scrambled Omelets

That would make a good blog title. “Scrambled Omelets.” What do you think? It could be a blog about a hectic life, I’d wager. I could see it now – the header is a picture of a pan frying an omelet. I’d even give up the pictures in this post to the owner of such a blog because they are perfect! Read on to find out why…


Awhile back, I caught a wonderful sale on Tillamook Cheese blocks. Since that’s my preferred brand of cheese (no matter which kind), I stocked up the best I could. Unfortunately, freezing cheese is not an option. It tends to crumble and fall apart when it thaws. If I were to shred it and then freeze it, it would work well. Anything less than that and I’ve just made a mess to throw away like the Epic Fail Cheese Canning Experiment of last fall. I got Jen to take several of the cheese blocks to WalMart and have them slice it up nice and pretty for us. We bagged it up and set it in the fridge for snacks. I love cheese and grapes as a snack and, typically, I purchase cheese trays and stuff the cheese in bags like this. With the sale, I saved a lot of money and ended up with a *lot* of cheese bags for snacks.

Except, the cheese has been around a few weeks and I worry about it going bad (getting stale or moldy) before I (or my boys) can chomp it down. To that end, we’ve started using some of this in our recipes. We made a quiche with the mixture of cheeses and it turned out pretty good. I decided to try and make an omelet with some of these snack-bagged cheeses chopped up.


In that mix, we have Colby Jack, Cheddar and Pepper Jack. Unfortunately, the Tillamook Swiss was not on sale or it would be added to the mix. Right, Jen? I’ve forgotten, now.


I set about mixing up an omelet – from memory, not a recipe. A dash of milk, several eggs and the chopped cheese. I figured, “This is easy! I can do this!” Many years ago, I was a short-order cook in a family restaurant and the primary purpose was breakfast. I made every kind of breakfast food you can imagine during my time there and I was good at it. I was going off my memories and thought I could handle this.


Memories are subjective. What started out so beautifully quickly turned to mush in a pan. I’m not entirely sure what I did wrong. I’ll take input. Always have, always will.


Scrambled Omelets. See what I mean, though? I have the perfect pictures if someone wants to start a blog by that name. Give me a shout, drop me an email, and I’ll send you the original photos with no “” credit on them.


I gave the first mess to Brendan. He is so enthusiastic. The second didn’t look much better and I told Caiden it was a “Scrambled Omelet.” Brendan piped up and said he wanted a scrambled omelet, as well. I took a fork, cut up his horrid-looking omelet and gave it back saying, “There. It’s scrambled.”

I tasted it. It was good. Delicious, even.


It just didn’t look edible.

When I got to my “office” at Shari’s, I had a talk with the Manager. I asked him if he would hire me on a temporary basis so I could learn from his cook. I told him, “No one will ever hire me because of my back. They are all scared I’ll fall and hurt myself and they’ll have to pay. Just hire me so I can train with your cook for awhile. That’s it. Oh, and later on, if you need someone to fill in, you can call me. I can do temporary work with not too many problems.”

He’s looking into the insurance implications of that and will get back to me. I think it would be fun to get back into cooking in a restaurant, as I did some 20 years ago or more. On a temporary basis. I don’t need to mess up my back or anything. Summer is coming!

Plus, a few extra dollars never hurt anyone, right? I remember a time, years ago, when my mother took a job at a local place. She’d work early in the mornings and bake their biscuits and then come home. We’d all be sleeping and she was using her culinary skills in a restaurant, prepping them to feed the masses some amazing biscuits – every day. Why can’t I get a temp, small job doing the same?

Oh, and anyone care for some “Scrambled Omelets?”

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2 thoughts on “Scrambled Omelets

  1. A trick with omelette is to add the egg to the pan let it cook a little before adding the cheese then after a while pop it under the grill to cook the top. that way its easier to fold and serve. We have a type of cheese here I will love forever called catheral city. its a mature chedder. yum!

  2. * Cathedral

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