It’s Only Fair

Since I posted about a bad experience in a local Photography store, it’s only fair to tell the reverse side. The manager of the store (Adam) and I have exchanged a few emails since that post. He suggested I pop in when he is working and we can chat. Yesterday, I did just that.

I was there for nearly 2 hours. He went through some of my pictures, gave me some knowledge (terminology, definitions and ideas on settings) in between helping other customers. I had a lot of fun and could have sat with him for a lot longer, learning things. He was very helpful and exactly what I was hoping for when I first purchased my camera. Just as someone who used to buy fabric or other quilting materials in my store, when I would be willing to sit with them and discuss quilting. Sometimes, they knew more than me. Occasionally, I could give someone pointers and tips I’d learned.

It was a beautiful exchange of information – mostly on his side giving to me, of course. I’m much happier with this store and look forward to going back more and more.

While there, we talked about a few of the things I need to further my learning about taking pictures. One of them I know I need for the summer is a lens that goes further than 55mm. He had a lens for my Canon that would go as far as 250mm. I thought this was exactly what I needed!

250mm lens

When I left, I called Mark (ex #1) and told him. I begged. I pleaded. I wheeled and dealed. He finally relented and said he would give me what I need to go back and get that lens. It was a consignment piece for $165. Retail on a lens is $300-$400! I made promises I have to keep, now.

I immediately went back and purchased the lens from Adam and then packed up the children and head off to a place he said I could get some nice pictures of birds. Turns out, there’s a few places within an hours’ drive that I could go and take my pictures. Another thing I learned in the process of giving a second chance to this store.

lens hood

I also go a lens hood with my purchase. This was the best representation of the hood I could find on the i-net. This is not the one I received with my purchase.

While taking pictures, I noticed the lens a little dirty. I tried blowing it off and it didn’t work. Whatever dust was on the lens, it was on the inside. I was a little sad, because I had just purchased it and have no clue how to get inside of it to clean it off.

On the way home, I played with the lens a bit. I was still trying to figure out how to clean it off. In the process, I realized – the outer part comes off! Wait a minute. This isn’t right.

uv filter

OH! I get it! It has a filter attached! I took off the filter, blew all the dust out and put it back on.

What a great purchase! I got a great deal for my $165 lens! I can’t wait to take more pictures. I promised Adam I would be back on Monday to show him what I practiced over the weekend. I might end up annoying him but, as long as I keep giving him my photography business, he should be ok with it.


Here are some of the pictures I took with my new lens. Oh, and I realized, I need a couple grand, now. I need one that zooms in even further. I don’t think this will ever end. I’ll have to “make do” with what I have. I can’t afford to put all of my money into picture-taking! I already have one passion – quilting. I can’t afford two!


This picture was taken as close as I was allowed to get (fence telling me to stop here) and zoomed in as far as I possibly could. The wind ruffling the feathers looks pretty cool, to me. Unfortunately, while taking this picture, I sat in some prickly stuff and ended up trying to pick the prickles out of my butt the rest of the time we were here.


Amazing picture. I think it needs more color, though. I struggled to remember all that Adam had taught me about setting the ISO, Aperture and such. It’s all new and difficult, right now. I’ll get it – eventually.


Such a beautiful child.


The younger of my two future heart-breakers. Look at those lips. They have such a tantalizing shape! If I followed the “rule of 3” that Adam tried to teach me correctly, his eyes should pull you in because they aren’t “dead center” but off in the right third of the picture. Sort of. Maybe?

With children it’s rarely deliberate to take such a stunning photo. They move too fast and, with my lightning quick camera, I can finally capture those moments!




Oh, yeah. My boys are keepers.


I think this picture would have been a lot better if the car hadn’t been moving while taking it.


This one flew along side Rendy for awhile. I got several pictures of him and picked one or two for y’all.

There y’all go. Some of the pictures I took while playing with the new lens and the Aperture setting on my Canon. Thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “It’s Only Fair

  1. My mind is boggling at what promises you have to keep 🙂

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  3. wow some great photos here. You are right – the photography bug leaves you with always “just one more thing “you need to buy…and then another “one thing”…and another!

    I especially love the photo of them walkig away – I love photos of people walking away. Strange really as I hate goodbyes! Looking forward to seeing more of what you can do with this lens 🙂

    • You are right! It does seem that I’ll have to cut myself off with what I’ve got. I can’t fathom where I’d get the money for the “next biggest lens.”

      Thank you! Yes, I love that picture, as well. I kinda wish it was me walking with them but then, who’d take the picture?

      Naia. 🙂

      • you’d have to run pretty fast from that distance to get in it even if you had it on a timer. But the thought of you trying is making me smile 😀

      • Yeah. That’s not gonna happen in this century. 😉

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