WIP Wednesday

Today is Wednesday and I’ve a full day. In a little less than an hour, I am meeting up with a friend to get some paperwork done for the lawsuit. After that, I’m supposed to head over to Caiden’s class and read to them through the lunch hour – but only if it doesn’t take too long with my friend. At 1:40, I am going to try to head over to my Wednesday appointment and do some paperwork with him.

After that? I just might hit my bed and snooze until Thursday morning. That is too much paperwork in one day for me!

Works in Progress:


I turned over the Tie-Dye Puzzle Quilt to the quilter. I asked him to do whatever he felt best on it. I typically give him free license on my quilts. Unless I have something specific in mind, I really leave it up to his discretion. He has so much more experience and ideas than I do.


I need to finish sewing all of these pieces together so I can cut them and create the Chevron Quilt. I’ve let it slide and really should get back to it.

The final thing is paperwork. It appears today will be a paperwork completion day. There are several things that I need to finish as far as paperwork and, when finished, will make my life a little bit easier.

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