A Sunday Drive

On Sunday, I packed up my little band of miscreants and we set off on a Sunday drive. We took the Nanny’s brother, Matthew, with us. I believe we had a good time. I’m only hoping they really did, as well. The following is some of the pictures from that adventure (I took 567 Pictures).


We stopped in a little town, the name of which is so close to our family name, it’s funny. It’s “Lima, Montana,” and is pronounced the same way  as you would say, “lima beams.” Caiden learned a bit about the town and the name from the owner of the small cafe we ate at and how close our name and the name of the town is. Looking at the mountains, you see they are getting just a bit of snow and it looks beautiful to me.


On arrival at her grandparents house, Jen found out that they weren’t even home. She made a call to figure out where they were and the boys (including Matt) played tag all over the yard.


With Matt’s long legs, I’m quite sure he doesn’t have to run to catch up with Brendan. He could just walk and keep up. I’m also positive it has to be awful to be “nearly 5” and have such short legs. Everyone can catch you and you end up being “IT” more times than not. He plays pretty good, though. Even when his big brother chases him because Caiden can’t catch us. Brendan gave it his all while playing. I love that about him.


Of course hiding will work out for you, Caiden. Not!


And then we found out – Grandpa was home. He was using the bathroom and didn’t get to the door in time. Grandma was flying home from Arizona. We sat for a bit and then ventured back outside for some fresh air. Caiden kept tagging Grandpa to be “IT” and forgetting that Grandpa’s can’t play so much.


And right back to playing tag.


Caiden kept gravitating to Jen’s Grandpa. It was cute to watch him as he adopted this older man to his family so quickly. He really needs a Grandpa nearby to fill this hole in him. I watch him with anyone who is a “Grandpa” figure. It’s instant love and acceptance. I’m just not sure, as a mother, how to fix or fill that hole for him. He’s missing out on so much and he knows it – without me saying a word.


Look at that smile. He may be the smallest, the slowest runner and most likely to be tagged “IT” on a repetitive basis – but he’s loving it and having FUN!


Check that out. Brendan got his butt out of the way *just in time*!!! I’m not sure if he really got tagged or not, but the next few pictures definitely tell a story. I love this camera. It takes rapid picture so the storyline is intact and can be remembered.


“Boys, Grandpa offered ice cream at Dairy Queen. Help him into the car, would ya?”


Of course, helping him into the restaurant (Dairy Queen was closed on a Sunday, we went to another place).


I didn’t get a decent picture of eating with Jen’s Grandpa at the restaurant so we’ll skip to the park we played at when we left. Grandpa, at this time, was a little tired, so he sat in the car and had the window open for a fresh breeze while the boys played. This train was filling up, so kept going forwards and backwards. The boys kept trying to get the engineer to wave back – but he never did.


This park was attached to the Beaverhead County Museum. The boys found several things to look at and, while they didn’t quite understand it all, it looked like they had fun.


A plaque containing all the ranch symbols in this area – at least, that’s my understanding. Oh, look! There’s me in the window!


When we walked up to this old car/truck, the breeze was blowing the old, rusty fan. It stopped and Brendan tried to blow on it to make it start up again.


An old one-room cabin that was moved to the Museum for preservation. Since it was Sunday, everything was locked up but we peeked in some windows. It has a grass roof as well as the original outhouse beside/behind it.


Well, if we move up here, I’ve found my new “Shari’s.” Look at the “Bad Ass” sign. It’s coffee and wifi! Yeah. This will be my new “spot.”

After taking Grandpa back home, we head on home ourselves. It was getting later in the afternoon and we wanted to get home before it go too late. It was a fun visit and I’m glad we went. The boys seemed to enjoy themselves while we were there. Of course, it helps me – I am still pondering a move up that direction.

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  1. Looks like a fun day 🙂

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