4731 Miles to Me


That’s how far this package traveled. I’m quite sure other packages travel much further; however, this is my first international package – ever! I was so giddy and excited when I knew it was on its way.

While I was waiting for its arrival, the sender was teasing me with pictures of what might be inside. Let’s compare, now that we know what was/is in it:

Her picture:


What I got:


And then (Her picture):


This one had me a little stumped. I actually said to her, “You didn’t really cut off your hair and mail it to me, did you?!” However, it was hair – just not what I was expecting. It is a bear made in the United Kingdom and it was made in 2003 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the bear making company:



And, around the bear’s neck was hung a cute necklace. This is the picture she teased me with:


When the package arrived, it was sitting around the neck of the bear:


I love it! It is so pretty and the bear is awesome. It actually has movable joints! I tried to stand him up but he refused – he does sit very well, though!

She also teased me with this picture:

baby book

I knew it had to be a book or a picture or something along those lines. It was shiny! It turns out….


It was a book. A book about mommy loving babies “no matter what.” (I haven’t read it, I read the back cover – I believe that’s what it is about).

One of the first pictures she teased me with was this one – a definite book:


“Yes. Yes,” she answered, when I voiced my guess about what it was, “But what kind of book?” For that, I didn’t have much of a clue. I was pleasantly surprised with:


It’s actually a book with recipes from the United Kingdom. Not just any old cookbook. The first publishing of this book was over fifty years ago. It is full of recipes that I have to learn how to make – while converting from their system to ours as far as measuring. This will be a treat (and a learning experience)!


And so, I got my first international package and it was delightful! I enjoyed the anticipation and peeking through what treasures came from afar.

Thank you, Fay. It made my day to hear that the package had arrived. You’re a sweetheart and I will treasure every bit of it!

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2 thoughts on “4731 Miles to Me

  1. I am glad it arrived safely and you like Mr Bear and the books x

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