The Rest of the Pictures

After finally going through the 690 pictures of our War Games, I had a few left. Since they didn’t fit in the other post, I’ll share them here.

On Tuesday, I took the school auction quilt to my quilter and, on the way, stopped by for the boys to see someone they haven’t seen in over three years. The daycare they attended before the Nanny came into our lives.


This is them, knocking on the door. They don’t really remember her, at this point. Caiden remembered a little bit, after he saw Cheri but Brendan was much too young to remember anything about this place.


She was astounded at how big they had gotten and I believe she really enjoyed seeing them. Of course, before we left, I had to get a picture of the two of them sitting on the infamous fireplace – the object of Caiden’s very first stitches. He fell and split his head open. It required three stitches to close it up.


Beautiful boys! I should print this picture and send it back to Cheri for her to keep.

We turned in the quilt to the quilter and he had it done by Thursday. I picked it up and called the teacher, “Do you want to be the first to see it?” Of course, the answer was yes and she came over just as soon as she could.


Some of the quilter’s work:


He outlined all the hand prints. If the paint fades, the memory will be there with the quilting.


He outlined the letters. Again, if my embroidery falls out, the image will be there because of the quilting.


He also outlined the Log Cabin Blocks. And then, stippling all through the rest of the quilt. I think it looks awesome and the teacher loved it, as well!


Now, to do the binding. We cheated – because of time constraints – and just did a flip and turn from the backing to the front of the binding. Jen pinned, I sewed. My corners look awful because I tried to do a “mitered”. Looks good, as a whole, though.


And, of course, attaching the beautiful label donated by If These Threads Could Talk.


Yes, I sewed it by hand. All the practice I got making the Christmas Cards by hand helped. My stitches were small and (mostly) evenly spaced! The pillow behind my head actually has the the Coach‘s hand print with a Bible verse he added in. Since he helps love and care for the children (especially when they’ve done wrong), it seemed only fitting to have a pillow for him. Residing on the bed with the quilt would make it seem like he was “tending over all” the children of the quilt. That was my thought, anyway.


After the Coach ran over to our house to put his hand print on the pillow, Jen had to look up the verse he put on there. It was cute watching her figure out what the verse was he added.


All done and ready for delivery. I’m proud of what was accomplished with this quilt. I’m sad to see it go but I hope everyone in my area goes and bids on it. Drive the price through the roof so this quilt will help keep the school open for a long time! It’s my boys’ school, so it needs to stay open!


I finally have a dining room again. After all that busy-work, it was nice to see it as an actual dining room! And, of course, the living room is all cleaned up, as well. (Thank you, Jen!)


And that’s it. All caught up after the last few days. Onward and upward!

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  1. I’m so glad you like the labels

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