The Nanny Speaks

Today, the Nanny took the boys to a local park for some Earth Day fun. I figured I’d let her hijack my blog and tell her own story with her own pictures. The following is what she has to say:

Let’s see, the boys and I headed over to the park that’s next to our local Zoo at about 10:30 a.m. Our first stop was at some booths set up to show recycling methods. As with almost everyone I know, saving this beautiful planet is a good thing!


On our way to get to the doors, the boys were so excited about going to see all the cool things, They kicked it into high gear and took off running. Without warning, Brendan put his e-brake on. He saw a flower he needed to pick for mommy.  It didn’t make it home to be received by mommy; however, it was the thought that was so precious.

Once inside, we saw a lot of sweet things for the kids to see and touch.


In this photo, they are making kite magnets. Caiden loved this but, Brendan not so much, as you can tell.

DSCN3735Showing off Their Cute Kites

There were more things inside. I did not get pictures. Trying to keep an eye on them precludes taking a lot of pictures.

We adventured off outside and saw some more things for them to explore, learn and play with. First up, the Rangers from Yellowstone National Park were there showing off skull and skins.


The boys really loved this booth. The Ranger was telling them about the belt that you see on the table. They put belts around the necks of the elk in the park to keep a count and track them. She asked if I would like one to put on the boys. Of course I would! I just don’t think Naia would appreciate me keeping track of the boys that way! The skull is from a wolf that was 2 years old. It died from getting kicked by an elk it was attacking. What a sad way to die.

Next, we moved onto getting their face painted. What kid doesn’t love face painting?

DSCN3810Brendan and His Frog

DSCN3825Caiden and His Train

While getting their face painted, the artist told us about a bike route the kids could check out while learning about bike safety.

On the way to the bikes, there was an INL bus showing some of the things done out at the site. Climbing on, they got to see what the bus looks like. The boys got to see what the INL workers rode to work on for the hour-long ride, every day.


Finally, we arrived at the bike station. While there, we found out Brendan wouldn’t be able to ride with his brother.  He still uses training wheels. I’m sure Caiden was glad he finally figured out riding without them. Brendan was a little upset at this; however, I think he had fun talking with the police officer that was running the booth.


The police officer asked the boys what the names of their face paintings were. As children do, they gave a simple answer: Frog and Train. The policeman decided to name Brendan’s frog, “Cheeky” and Caiden’s train, “Trainy.” The boys agreed with the names and we carried on to get Caiden setup for the bike track.

DSCN3859Caiden Ready for Action

Back at the station, the police officer talked to them about some of the signs they would be seeing out on the course.


The boys did pretty good about knowing what all the signs meant. Even though Brendan didn’t get to ride, he was not going to have his brother answer all the questions. You can see Brendan standing next to the police officer so his answers would be heard.

DSCN3882Learning to Stop, Look Both Ways, and Listen

Caiden did very well with all five courses they had setup. He only tried to wreck twice for turning too sharp. Otherwise, he kicked butt at it.

DSCN3901All Done!

We turned the bike and helmet in and he got a certificate with his name on it saying he passed the bike safety course. He was a very proud boy about this.

Caiden was asked by mommy to help keep an eye on his little brother today and he did a great job at it. They were kind and courteous as we traveled the various things set up for children to play, learn and enjoy. I’m thankful to Naia for raising the boys with such manners and respect as we had no difficult or awful scenes during this adventure.

I pretty sure the boys had a lovely time today, I know I did. I just want to tell the boys, “Thank you for being so well behaved. I really enjoyed our outing!”

That was our lovely trip to learn about Earth Day.


At this point, I kinda wish I had gone. It was fun to get some stuff done for myself while they were out playing, though. It does sound like (and look like, with all the pictures) they had a lot of fun!

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