WIP Wednesday (Late)

I played yesterday. I haven’t done that in a few weeks. I’ve been really good about it! Because I played most of the morning, I didn’t get a lot of other things done. No sewing, nothing.

At 2:33 p.m., I received an email from one of the blogs I enjoy. It was about Chevron Quilt & Half-Square Triangles. I was reading through that and got a bee in my bonnet. The Nanny knows what that means!

It means, I’ve got an idea and I’ve *got* to try it! I packed up my things and ran home.


I have this fabric – it shifts to 4 different kinds of green. Let’s see if we can cut it to 10.5″ squares, mix it with some black and make a Chevron Quilt! It seems fast and easy – something I can put together in a day or so!


Yeah. The size is just about right for a 10.5″ square to start from. I cut them all out (10 of each, total of 40) and then cut up all the rest of the black in my house for 10.5″ squares of that (40 of them!). This will be huge if I get it all put together – it’s definitely a work in progress, at this point.

Also, I found the neatest piece of $5 fabric for the back of the Tie-Dye Puzzle Quilt:


I like it. Now, I need to put it on the Tie-Dye Puzzle Quilt and I’ll probably flip the sides over instead of worrying about binding. I like the colors and think it would be neat to have the variation of colors on the front sides.

Tie-Dye Puzzle Quilt:


When I got to the house, there was a package waiting for me in the mailbox. The previously mentioned website’s owner (If These Threads Could Talk) had volunteered and completed the label for the school auction quilt. They arrived so fast! Now, when the quilter is done, I can stick this on the back and send it off. I’m hoping to be completely finished on Friday. That’s the deadline for the auction items being turned in.


Isn’t that amazing!? I love it and it is much better than I can do with my own power. I think I’ll start ordering labels from her for all my quilts, from now on! Y’all should try it – take a look at what she can do. This one is simple but I am not complaining – she does amazing stuff!

(P.S. – I got your email while I was at the Doc’s office and knew I was going to post about the label, so held off on responding right away. I love them and thank you *SO* much!)

That’s about it for my WIP. Terribly sorry it was late.

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