You’ve got 5 Days

Just a little while ago, I read a story of a new spider that has been introduced to America. This spider bite has no cure, as yet, and can kill you in 5 days. I’m not going to post a picture of it – or even a link to where you can read more information. Just the idea of searching out that story to share it with you scares the wits out of me!

Yes. I’m terrified of spiders. I always have been and always will be. Occasionally, I get the nerve to smack one dead when I see it but, for the most part, Jen does the killing for me. At one point, Brendan did it. The boy was near fearless. He saw a piece of lint and went to pick it up. It moved on his hand, so he freaked and threw it to the ground. While his brother and mother (me!) were screaming and Jen was laughing, Brendan started stomping on it until he was sure it was dead. I was so proud! He’ll be my spider killer when Jen is long gone on her own travels in life.

When I was younger, I actually watched Arachnophobia over and over again. I was trying to desensitize myself of the fear of spiders. It didn’t work. It actually made things worse. I finally had to admit defeat – spiders are my Kryptonite.

Last year, we moved into this new house and soon found out that my bedroom and bathroom were infested with spiders. Not just the little creepy crawlers but quite a few Hobo spiders. It eventually got to the point of me refusing to sleep in my bedroom and I would have Jen search every inch of space in my bathroom before I took a bath or shower. I’ve even yelled for Jen while *in* the bathtub to come kill a spider I saw while I was in there. Naked didn’t matter to me. When these tiny creatures of death were around, I was not (and never am) rational!

One actually climbed into the tub with me. I’m pretty sure it was a Hobo but I didn’t stick around to find out. I scrambled out of the tub as fast as I could while screaming for Jen. She found me, a small hand towel covering the important parts, cowering in my bedroom and went to flush the spider down the toilet. Later, her mother informed me that Hobo spiders can actually hold their breath under water for several months. I beat Jen soundly about the head and shoulders for flushing it instead of squishing it. After that, I went nearly 2 weeks without bathing or showering. I. Did. Not. Care.

Jen’s mom finally came over and sprayed something all over my bedroom and bathroom. From that point on, nary a spider was seen. Around about November, I finally started relaxing. Until this new spider appeared in America and was initially found under the toilet seat in public bathrooms.

Spring is here and with it comes the spider infestation. I’ve been begging Jen to get her mom to come back over again. I’ll go without coffee for a month to pay for the magic juice that her mom uses to keep me safe from a spider infestation.

However, this long story brings me to my point. If you were bit by this awful spider and knew you had about five days until you died, what would you do? What would be your actions?

I’ve thought long and hard about it. It’s near always on my mind. You hear songs and stories about what people do in their final days. That’s all well and good but, when reality strikes and you know you’re going to be hospitalized until you finally die, what would you do? You have had no time to prepare. You’ve had no time to say your final goodbyes.

I think I’d ask for my laptop. I would write until I couldn’t. I would put down all the words in my head for my children to read after I’m gone. I’d love on them, of course. I’d try to comfort them the best I could. I’d shower them with kisses until they couldn’t breathe.

In all actuality, though, writing down all the words I could would be my most important final act. When years go by and my children have forgotten that last hug and kiss, they’ll have my words to comfort them. They will have my voice telling them all the things I didn’t live long enough to tell them.

So, I ask you, what would your final act be? You’re stuck in a hospital with a spider bit that will kill you in 5 days, give or take a day. What would you do? What would you leave behind as you pass from this world because of a spider?

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