Exploding Heads

Instead of the Talking Heads of the 70s, 80s & 90s, I have the Exploding Head. At least, that’s how it feels. I got hit with a nasty head cold – my third (fourth? I’ve lost count) since January of this year. Last night, I was terrified to fall asleep. I couldn’t get a whiff of air through my nose and I was sure that I would fall asleep, accidentally close my mouth while sleeping and suffocate. Irrational, I know. I was convinced, though!

I woke up this morning (much to my surprise) and was breathing just a little bit better. I got up and did my thing with the children – I even took them to school! While there, I ended up volunteering to take the auction quilt to Blackfoot to find a backing for it and then take it to my quilter in Rigby to see how fast he can get it done. On a day when bed was the only thing I could think of (since I woke up, I figured I was safe from suffocating – mostly), I ended up “volunteering” to drive long distances.

Yeah. Brendan is staying at school for lunch and Jen is going with me. Just in case.


Last night, I finished sewing the Tie Dye Quilt together. There’s a goof or two. I’m not entirely sure how that happened. Perhaps I shouldn’t sew when I have a head cold…. I can almost hear Jen whispering in her head, “Y’think?” She’s too scared of me to say it out loud. Which is good – her scared of me, I mean. I should smack her for saying it in her head.

Run, Jen! Run!


Don’t laugh at the mistakes, please. I really have no clue what happened. I have been doing so beautifully on my quarter-inch seams, too! If you measure the seams on this, they are within safe range of quarter-inch! Other than that, what do y’all think?


And, this morning, I took a few pictures but they didn’t come out as good as I could wish. That lawn actually has a million water-sparkles from the sprinklers that have been turned on. They sparkle like diamonds and I tried to capture it. I’m not sure I know enough about my camera to get a good picture of it.



Anyone with tips for me?

Catch y’all later!

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5 thoughts on “Exploding Heads

  1. This is so not fair, she slap me before I read it. She said you’ll understand in 5 minutes.

  2. The funny thing is she text me yesterday saying her head was going to explore. I told her not to that it would be a messy clean up. Lots of brain matter and mucus everywhere.

    • And what did I say? I said, “Doesn’t matter to me. You’re the one that has to clean it up.”

  3. I’m pretty sure I could clean it up but that would be the sickest thing known to mankind. Fay? Wanna come clean it up for me?

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