4-Patch Folded Coaster

Last night, I learned something new. Yes, I do that all the time. This time, I learned how to make a 4-patch folded coaster. Let me share what I did:


To start, you need 6 pieces of fabric. Two colors, 3 pieces each. The size is determined by you. I chose 4.5″ x 4.5″ for this project. I’m thinking I need a tad bigger, next time. The result is perfectly fine – it just looks a little too small. Take two of each color and fold in half – iron flat.


With the two remaining large pieces, layer them – wrong sides together. Keep in mind, whatever is on “top” of your layer will be the “bottom” of the coaster. So, pick wisely on what will go on top of this initial layer.


Take one of your folded/ironed pieces and lay it on to the larger pieces. Keep the raw edge facing outward and the folds facing inward.


Add the next, covering half of the first folded piece. Keep the raw edge out!


Lay the last two folded strips on, making sure the tuck the last one in to create a pattern like this. If you were following along, you’d have the plain piece on the bottom, right side facing the table. On top of that is the “back piece” that is facing right side up (the bottom two have wrong sides together, remember). Then, we lay the 4 ironed strips on top of that. You’ve a pretty big sandwich built so I suggest pinning before sewing.


We have a nice thick stack of fabric to sew. We’re going to finally move to the sewing machine and sew all the way around the “sandwich,” not through it in any space at all. Use the standard 1/4″ all the way around.


There. Done. Right?

No. Looks pretty ugly! The seams are showing! Now what?

Flip it! Pull that red fabric from inside outside and flip the entire thing inside out. The red becomes the bottom and the folded pieces become the top….


Voila! Isn’t that cute? I’ve even seen someone stick the stem of a wine/champagne glass into the folds to hold it. Pretty neat and, once I figure out how big I’d prefer them, something to make a bunch of as gifts.

That was not hard and it was actually quite fun to make. I read somewhere that one fat quarter will make 16 4.5″ squares to use for this project. Something to keep in mind, if you like this size.


I started crying, this morning. My son (Caiden, 6 years old) was reading a book to his brother that I used to read to HIM! However, that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was, when he was done, Brendan picked it up and started figuring out the words for himself and reading it…


See? Here, he was trying to figure out the word, “elm.”

They need to stop growing!

And, on a side note, I wonder if Jen will ever figure out the perfect placement for all these puzzle pieces?


The corners kept coming out a bit messed up and I’ve told her that. But, at some point, I’d love to sew it and get my dining room back! *hint, hint*

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