Line Dancing in the Rain?

Not exactly in the rain but the idea is there. When I was working on the quilt for the school, we moved the dining room table into the living room, we took the rug for the floor in the dining room outside and lay out some of the parts and pieces on the hardwood floor in the dining room. It was quickly apparent this was a waste of time – the quilt was much too large to fit on that floor. However, the rug stayed outside and the table stayed in the living room while I was busy getting my sewing done.

On Thursday, I was getting a tad irritated at the boys bouncing off the walls. I ordered them to go outside and sit quietly on the rug on the deck. The sitting part lasted all of 5 seconds. All of a sudden, my precious children were turned into line dancing young men.


The thumbs in the pocket was just about the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen on a “nearly 5-year old.”


The boys had a blast for a while doing this and then moved on to bouncing off walls elsewhere. I got a good laugh and some cute pictures.

The rug stayed outside as I wasn’t done sewing and Jen had moved her tie-dye pieces upstairs as the next project she wants me to work on. When she finally gets all the pieces “just right,” I’ll sew it with black and show it off to y’all.

Unfortunately, it started raining yesterday while we were at the school getting hand prints on the school auction quilt. Jen and I both forgot about the rug sitting on the back deck. When we got home, Jen threw it over the fence to dry out. Later, she moved it under our canopy and this morning, she moved it back out into the sunshine to continue drying and prep to come back inside.


And, of course, it starts hailing and raining – complete with amazing thunderstorms. This rug is determined to never come back into my house again – just like all the other rugs in my home that have gone outside temporarily and never come back in. I’m hoping the weather clears and lets this rug dry before it gets too tore up with the weather!


Yesterday, we made it to the school at 1:45 p.m. to get hand prints from the children on the quilt. Our goal was 1 p.m. and only missed it by a little bit. It didn’t take nearly as long as we thought it would to get the hand prints, either! We were done by about 2:15 p.m. After putting their hand print on the quilt, they went to wash their hands and then come back to sign their name with a Sharpie marker.




I actually did a pattern to the hand prints. The red hand prints form an X through the quilt and the blacks are on  the outside, forming a rough circle. There are two missing – Number 13 was absent from school and Number 16 is Mrs. Brown when she gets back to school. The children did really well on not getting any paint on the quilt except for where they put their hand print! I was impressed.

And then, we moved the quilt top to get it out of the way and check the drying status. That’s when we saw what had gone through the top and onto the carpeted floor of this school’s “Fireside Room.”


Black and red hand prints on the floor.


Jen and I started scrubbing and the janitorial ladies joined us. We got it cleaned up quite a bit. I’m hoping, after they do their carpet cleaning, it all comes out. The teacher had purchased water-based paints for the quilt so it should all come up. Right?

Speaking of sewing. I found and decided to try another idea. I had to run to Madsen’s Fabric Store (3 blocks away!) several times for parts and pieces needed for the school quilt. I ran out of thread and then ran out of white fabric when I goofed on cutting one section. While there, I saw what they call a “Snap Happy Bag.” I looked it over and, as I mentioned to someone else earlier, memorized how it was built so I could recreate it at home and save the $8 on purchasing a pattern.


One of my first attempts. However, in this process, I figured out how to make those tab things! I haven’t done that, before.


Piece of fabric – I chose 3.5″ by 3.5″ for this.


Fold in half and iron flat.


Fold the outsides in to form a triangle. Do this to both sides.


Iron it really nice and flat. Pin it in place and sew it into the seam of whatever you’re making. The first time I did it, I didn’t shove it under the seam far enough and I sewed right alongside of it and missed it completely. So, make sure it’s into the seam as much as possible to make sure you catch it and sew it!


Voila! Little tabs on the Snap Happy Bag. I didn’t get pictures of the rest of the process. When I make another (and I will!), I’ll be sure to get all of the steps for ya!


Do your children eat cranberries? Mine do! If they are in a butter, that is, and smeared on pancakes. This was this morning’s food. They gobbled it all up and didn’t stop to think about cranberries being that awful tart fruit (or juice) that they don’t like. Maybe not the healthiest choice but my children are being exposed to as many weird things as I can to avoid them becoming too picky as time goes on.


After breakfast, we were all being lazy on the couch. We pulled up the “new” version of Scooby Do and watched that for a few hours before getting started on our day.


They looked so sweet on the couch together, I had to get a picture. Unfortunately, about a minute after I took the picture, one got pushed off the couch by the other.


What can ya do about them?

Oh, well.

The day has been relaxing and we have watched a lot of T.V. I didn’t feel like doing anything and the weather outside isn’t cooperating. With the hail going on randomly, I can’t even let them outside to line dance in the rain on the rug that’s stuck out there!

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