24 Hours of Sewing!

I’ve spent the better part of 24 hours sewing. I swore I would finish the quilt for Caiden’s year-end class project/auction. I did it! Here’s the progress…


Prepping to embroider the initials of the school. I’ve already completed the 16 Log Cabin blocks (20″ apiece!).


Go Singer, Go! It puckered a little bit but it’s pretty good work. I used a medium-weight stabilizer. I stretched as tight as I possibly could and tightened the screw down until I broke it. Still – puckers. I’m sad about that but, overall, it looks great. In my own humble opinion, of course.


Caiden appeared to be fascinated with the automated process.


The result: 4 letters embroidered on white fabric. Next step: cut them all down to size. They have to measure 20″x20″ when done. To make sure the letters were centered when finished, I actually sewed them onto 25″x30″ white fabric.



As you can see in the two picture above, I’ve taken over the living room of our house. I wanted background noise/movies while sewing. Typically, I’m in the basement doing all this. Not this time. The project was too big!


Completion! What do y’all think?

Now, the idea is this:

16 Log Cabin blocks – 15 hand prints of students in the middle of the blocks and the 16th block is for the teacher. I’m thinking of having the children write their name with a quilting marker instead of embroidering all of their names. It will make it a little more “personal,” if you ask me. Besides, I had 4 good moments with the embroidery part of my machine. I don’t want to push it!

If you look, the 16 blocks create 4 red crosses around the bigger white cross that flows through the middle of the quilt. Yes. It is a Christian School. That’s why I created it as I did. I designed the quilt and the teacher acquired the fabrics. There were donations of funds for the quilt and she went and purchased the colors she wanted.

A close-up of the block is here:


And the stallion in the middle:




Ok, so the colors don’t look that good in this shot. I did not embroider the stallion. They (on my recommendation) went elsewhere for that. I think it looks amazing!

Now, I need y’all to tell me what you think? I’m anxious for input!

(And Jen, you don’t count – you love everything I make – you’re biased!)

For those of you who live in my area, the school will have their auction on May 10th. This annual fundraiser has many things up for auction – this quilt being one of them. If you like it and want a piece of the school, go bid on it! None of the money raised goes to me. This was entirely a charity/donation of labor on my part. Every penny raised on this quilt goes to the school to help keep them alive and kicking and growing with the times.

Of course, since this is the school for my boys, I want you to go buy it and keep it open!

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5 thoughts on “24 Hours of Sewing!

  1. If you would like, I will embroider a label for your quilt as a gift from me. Email me the the name of the quilt, the purpose, who it for, who made made it, the date is was made and where at sewjackie@live.com with your address and I will mail it to you.

  2. Its Awesome! GREAT JOB 🙂

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