Butter, Butter and more Butter…

Last night, I was prepping to send Mark back to work with some goodies to share. Not that he ever shares, but I do send him with them *to share.* I made my traditional garlic butter – a family favorite. Only, this time, I decided to whip it instead of melt it.


I let some of my butter sit for a few days in a cupboard to soften it up nice and pretty and then, I pulled out the mixer that Mark got for me back when I started this journey. I whipped the butter for a long time and then started adding the ingredients. After adding them, I set it to run by itself for upwards of 10 minutes or more. It really made the garlic butter nice and creamy.


This stuff is simply amazing when thrown on top of my Hot Herb Bread – another family favorite and very quick and simple to make.


Next up: Peanut Honey Spread. This is actually really good on pancakes in the morning. The boys enjoy it – especially when we run out of syrup. As you can see, whipping the butter for a good stretch of time before adding the ingredients makes the spread very smooth and sleek. I’m going to stop melting the butters when I transform them, from now on. This is a much nicer presentation!

When this was all done, I was looking around the kitchen. In my wonderings about what else I could send with him back to work, I spotted a bag of oranges on the counter. They were purchased for my boys – snacks and such – but it gave me an idea. Why not make an orange butter as well?

I asked Jen to see how much juice she could squeeze out of an orange and, unfortunately, it was pitifully little. I neglected to get pictures and I’m sorry. She ran to the store for some frozen orange juice concentrate and I researched some recipes.

I found two that I liked:  Orange Butter and Whipped Orange Butter.

The first calls for a pound of powdered sugar. Well, I’m a diabetic. That can’t work.

The second recipe doesn’t ask for as much powdered sugar (at least in their quantities, anyway) and it does say to add a dash of cinnamon.

I mixed the two recipes. I put in a half cup (total) of powdered sugar and threw in a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon. I’ve been told it’s a keeper.


A caution: the recipe calls for frozen orange juice. If you use frozen, it will freeze your soft, creamy butter and you’ll have to start all over again. I recommend letting the frozen orange juice thaw to a liquid consistency before throwing it into the butter. Mine took much longer to mix up and get back to a smooth consistency because I didn’t realize this ahead of time.


I’m thinking of adding just a titch more orange concentrate when I make it again. However, it tastes really good. Used sparingly, as with all butters, I don’t think it’s terribly bad for you, either!


Remember when I said the wiffle ball hanging from the tree had been neglected all winter? Apparently, Mark reads my blog and takes it to heart. He popped outside yesterday to grill the steaks and got the boys to playing with the wiffle ball.


This is only about half what he takes with him when he leaves for a month at a time. The blue box sitting there is where he stuffs all his food. Right now, it’s full. We went to the store late last night (in an effort to keep him up until morning) and got the remaining items he needs. Of course, he’s got 2 loaves of Sourdough Bread and 2 of the Hot Herb Bread. I would send him with more but he said he has enough.

When he wakes, he’ll eat dinner with us and then pack up the truck and head out. The boys will be sad for a few days but they’ll get over it as soon as the weekend hits and they can play on their computers.

I redesigned the header image on the blog. What say you? Yes, Fay – I loved the one your daughter made but I was updating and refreshing everything and designed that one for myself – I used recent pictures, too! Looking at it, I realize something: I need to start getting active again. The winter pounds are showing!

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  1. Love it 🙂

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