Up in the mornin, stirrin around…

A really good song!

It popped into my head this morning when my son decided to wake me at quarter after six.

Those of you who have followed me for the past however-many-months knows that I’m supposed to be up at six. If that were the case, I wouldn’t get so upset when he woke me just after six. Right?

I’ve been randomly waking up at six. Sometimes it’s later, sometimes it’s terribly earlier and I sneak out for quiet time with coffee at Shari’s. I’ve slipped from my original goals. I keep saying I need to get back into it but it’s so much easier to let it slide. Especially since I have lost track of things I can feed my boys in the morning. Lunch and dinners are so much easier! I have all day to plan and get things going!

If I start getting up at six again, my child won’t surprise me and annoy me when he gets up before seven. My new goal – start getting that going again. Mark leaves for work on Tuesday night. I will plan on late nights with him the next two nights and then, on Thursday morning, start the process all over again. There won’t be any late night distractions, that’s for sure!


We went to the dentist this morning. They put some coating on Caiden’s back teeth to keep him from getting cavities. I tried to prep him. I told him that I didn’t know if it was going to hurt or not but that it wouldn’t take much time. I’ve always been honest with him on that front. I never tell him it’s not going to hurt if it will and, since I didn’t know, I wanted him prepared for it.


It did hurt him a little. Mostly because he has sensitive back teeth and the air/water they squirt in there drives him insane. He’s got special nighttime toothpaste that is supposed to help. He was squirming around, trying to get away from the dentist when I went and sat next to him, letting him squeeze my hand as tight as he could.

He managed to settle down after that and things went quickly. In fact, he didn’t even get to miss any school! Mark said that was awful, since going to the dentist was always a great excuse to miss out on school. Too bad, Caiden. They didn’t take long at all.

I was proud of how well he did. Especially after seeing him squirm and try to get away. He didn’t try too hard and the dentist just kept going – getting it done fast so Caiden could get up from the chair. Oh, and he did. As soon as the dentist said he was done, Caiden popped up out of that chair like a jack rabbit and was gone from the room. I didn’t try to stop him and he even gave the dentist a hug on the way out.

Children are so trusting and loving, aren’t they? Or is that a by-product of me not raising them to be scared? That’s a ponder for ya!

Last night, Mark and I went out again and tried to get some pictures of a sunset. It was extremely cloudy, so I managed to get a few but not a bunch. I played with some of the settings on the Aperture setting on my new camera and learned a little bit. I’m thinking of buying a “Dummies book for my camera.” They actually have one made just for my camera! Of course, there’s always the stigma of buying a book that says, “For Dummies.”


This picture was just me playing around. This ball on a string has been forgotten for the winter and, now that the snow is melting, will be played with again. It is my thought that this was hung by former tenants as a way of teaching their children how to play ball. My boys have played ball on it but not with a bat – only their hands. I’m interested to see if this changes, now that they are slightly older.


I was playing with the various Aperture settings on my camera and took this shot. I can’t remember what settings I picked at this point but I like it. It has the colors that I enjoy. Of course, everyone appreciates their own thing, right?


I got down on the ground to take this picture. I thought it was unique enough to be pretty and to show off. Again, I was playing with changing the settings on my camera.


This is one of my absolute favorites. I love how the clouds look like they are shooting out from the sun as it is setting. At this point, the sun went and hid behind some clouds and it was time to go home. There was no beautiful sunset as the sun hit the far horizon with the clouds in the way.

And, the last picture is of the soccer ball we were playing with the other day. I kinda like the idea of the lonely soccer ball waiting for a child to come pick it up or simply kick it across the yard…


I’m calling this one, “The Forgotten Soccer Ball.”

I went back to the store that I purchased the camera from today. See, way back when I had first purchased my casual shooting Nikon, I went in there and they went through my pictures, giving me pointers and tips. They praised some, told me how to fix others. They were kind and courteous to someone who was finding a passion for playing with photos. The gentleman at the counter said, “This is what we do. If we don’t, how do we generate more photo-shooters to buy more stuff?” I liked him and the way he handled me on my first trip to the store.

When I got there today, the same salesman (but not the same guy from way back when) from Saturday was there. I told him I was just bringing in some of my first pictures to get some ideas and input. He made repeated comments, which is what I wanted. However, his comments were,

“Nice start.”

“Don’t play with any other settings until you take our class.”

“You’ll do much better after you take our class.”

“Anything else I can help you with?”

What ever happened to professional courtesy? With people like this, treating beginners so awfully, how does anyone sell anything or move forward? Why would I take a class where this salesman might be the teacher? A condescending jerk who thinks he’s holier-than-thou and can’t find it in himself to offer any advice or pointers to a random person just figuring out a love of shooting a picture?

What exactly is this with telling someone not to play with their camera? Why not? Is that not how you learn?

Of course, asking me if there’s anything else he can help me with just took the cake. Seriously? I’m thinking you could bend over so I could boot you in the butt but that’s illegal. Try learning some common human courtesy, why don’t ya?

I can’t believe that things have changed in that store so quickly. I’m quite sure they do very well in this town. There are so many who love to take pictures of the beautiful mountains and scenery our area offers. Not to mention those who are still searching for that million-dollar photograph of an animal in Yellowstone Park – a short hour and a half drive from here. I can’t say I would hurt their business by not going there but still, don’t I deserve something more than just being flipped off by a kid probably half my age?

I was kind, curious and open to suggestions and thoughts. I didn’t expect to be treated this way.

When I did have my store here in town, I shared my knowledge (limited though it might have been) with everyone: expert, beginner, didn’t matter to me. And, I accepted tips and suggestions from them, as well! I sought the people that wanted to stand and chat and share!

I’m going off on a rant but, honestly, I might have to find another place to take a photography class from – when I finally get the funds to do so. I spent nearly every spare penny I could afford just getting the camera. I bought it to learn and grow and enjoy the life that God gave me. I bought it, not because I needed it, but because I really want to take some amazing photos! I’m not going to sell them, show them off (except here) or seek other recognition. I’m not going to become a professional photographer spending my life shooting other people’s fun. I’m going to memorialize my own fun and that of my boys. Because of that, I gave up every spare penny I’ll have for a month just to buy this camera.

When I finally scrimp and save enough for a class, it won’t be at a store that employs such a uppity, better-than-you jerk that can’t take the time to simply share a little bit with a simple person like me.

I’m done ranting. Time for a nap so I can stay up with Mark tonight. I’ve some sewing to do and I want to hang out with him a bit more before he leaves to go back to work for a month.

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P.S. I just remembered. He also said I needed to spend $120 on a tool that would help me see things better on my laptop. He said, if I were going to edit my pictures, I had to do it because my pictures don’t look good on my laptop the way it is. When I said I couldn’t afford it, he said I needed to get it as soon as I possibly could.

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6 thoughts on “Up in the mornin, stirrin around…

  1. What a Jerk. I’m impress you didn’t go off on him.

  2. I love the dreamy shots. he was just looking to sell stuff ignore him, jerk indeedy 🙂

    • I don’t think anyone has taken the time to teach him “customer service.” Oh, well. I’ll search out a new place.

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