Soccer, Bread and Reading

The past week or so has been eventful. Daddy is home and playing with the boys, doing this and that. It’s been fun!

The first day after he got home, the boys got to decorate their last Easter present (from the Easter Bunny, of course) with him. They had fun – but mostly because it was another snack for them.


I don’t have any non-blurry pictures of what the boys did with their cookies. Sorry.


We went outside and played a little bit of soccer. It was Brendan and Dad against Mom and Caiden.


Nice kick, Brendan!


If you look close, his shoe is about to fly off.



Yeah. I don’t think that kick went where it was supposed to go….


Later on that same day, Caiden read his homework reading. He brings home a book a few times a week and has to read it at home. When he goes to school the next day, he’s supposed to take a small test on the book to see if he retains anything he reads. He read the book to me and I smiled and nodded. I went back to what I was doing and it took a few minutes before I realized that Brendan was reading the same book.

He had picked it up and started working out the words all by himself. Now, keep in mind: Caiden is in 1st grade. He brings home 1st grader/2nd grader books to read. Brendan is in Preschool. He’s 4 years old and reading a 1st grader book!


The next day, I mentioned it to his teacher. She asked if he could bring in the same book and read it to his class on Friday for show and tell. We (Dad and I) took him to school on Friday and I sat up front with him while he read the book to his classmates. I helped him with a few words but, otherwise, he did great!


One thing I’ve noticed is – Caiden gets a lot of attention because he’s older and he’s shown himself to be smart. We’ve overlooked Brendan, who is coming up fast behind Caiden and gaining quickly. This past week, with the book reading, was a real eye opener about my baby who will soon be five!


And, of course, I’ve been teaching Mark how to make bread. He helped make some bread the other night and he even did most of the work! I taught him how to knead and such and the bread turned out really good! In the above picture, he’s making the sourdough bread recipe I found awhile back. We’ve (Jen and I) gotten really good at it and I figured Mark needed to learn how, as well.


Learning how to knead. It was … interesting. I’ll just say that.


And learning how to put it in the pan.

After that, I taught him how to make our Hot Herb Bread. That was another adventure!

However, I’m up way too late with Mark – again – and it’s time for sleep. I promise more tomorrow! A hint? Mark makes bread, a bread machine and a camera.

Until then…

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