It’s Mine! All Mine!

I got an early Mother’s Day and 41st-birthday gift, this past week! It was actually my money but it was agreed that if I needed financial help after this purchase, it would be provided.

I sold a few items in my home the past week or so and used that money to finance my dream camera. I got my very first DSLR Camera! Since I have started this blog, I’ve really gotten into taking pictures. The next step for me was to get a high-powered DSLR camera and now I have one! The sky is the limit and I am free to practice my picture taking on something that’s ready and willing to take on every challenge I throw at it and then some.

To be honest, I was looking at a Nikon but was talked into this one. I don’t typically “cross-branding lines.” In other words, if I like Motorola, I don’t buy anything but Motorola. If I like HP, I don’t buy Gateway/Dell or any other brand. I’m strict in that – to a fault, at times. So, when I was talked into switching from the casual Nikon I got at Christmas to a high-powered Canon, I was supremely shocked! I’m sure others who know me were, as well!

Canon Front

It’s official name is: Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR with 18-55mm IS II Lens and EOS HD Movie Mode.

Canon Back

I am enjoying it to the fullest, so far! I’ve already realized, though, I do need a telephoto lens. The standard it comes with doesn’t let me zoom in as close as I’d like on things. That’s another couple bucks I have to save up rather quickly. In the meantime, I’m learning all the ins and outs of this camera and having fun!

I’ve taken quite a bit over a thousand pictures I’m sure, but I figured you didn’t want to see that many. Here are a few…


One of the first pictures I took with it. That’s a shot of the corner of my own yard. The colors are fascinating and I’m in love.


Check out the detail of my boots in this picture. You can see how it fuzzed out Mark’s soda in the background and really showed off my boots. Amazing.


All of these shots are un-doctored. I haven’t pulled them into any image editing program to tweak them. This shot of Brendan was taken by Caiden.


Again with the blurry background. I’m finding that I actually like pictures like that!


Doesn’t he look like a future Jarhead? His hair looks like it has been cut “High and Tight,” like a proper Marine. Also, I’ve taken to noticing lately that he’s losing his baby fat and turning into a little boy. The first time I noticed, I started tearing up. Everyone says they grow up fast but when you’re actually seeing them every day, the sudden realization shocks the breath right out of your lungs and your eyes well up before you can stop them.


Yes, I really did take a picture of my Taco Bell dinner that night. Brendan earned enough money to take Daddy out to dinner (a sticker which equaled a dollar for every time he used the toilet and not his pants) and he invited Caiden to join them. Caiden got a free dinner at Wingers for having no cavities at the dentist, so he was a cheap addition to the date. Jen and I went out for tacos while they did that and I could *not* resist seeing how good of a picture my camera would take of my taco. You can see the liquid of the tomato and the spices on the edge of the taco itself. Yeah, I’m fascinated with my new camera. I can’t wait to learn all the parts and pieces of it!


This was me playing with the night shot function of my camera. Obviously, the baby moves too fast. It actually made his hair look wet when it was dry. I love this picture, even if it blurred!


More night shots. Look how big Caiden is! He’s only 6! He needs to shrink back down to fit in my arms. I miss him being there. Brendan still fits but that’s because he’s such a small boy. Caiden doesn’t fit, anymore.


(You are gorgeous when laughing, Liz. Don’t ever stop!)

A friend of mine visited from Boise and stopped by. I had to show off my new acquisition and found out that she had taken photography classes. I let her play with my camera and she got some amazing shots with it! I’m jealous but I’ll learn and get there. I will! I’m determined! The following pictures were taken by her of items around my home:





I love this picture because it has me in the background, blurred out. It gives the picture just a titch of that extra umph, if you ask me!


And then, she went outside to see what she could find out there to take pictures of…



I’m jealous. She already uses my camera much better than I do. Of course, I have no knowledge of what half of the settings do. We went today and took a drive to try and play with the cameras a bit. A drive to Ashton and thereabouts produced these photos (taken by me):



(Daddy actually took this shot while I was playing with Caiden)


As soon as I saw where Brendan was perched, this is what I did. I picked him up by his jacket and put him back on the ground. He seems to forget (when around his brother) that he is only FOUR – not SIX!


We drove on and found another place to stop and take some pictures. The boys were playing with Jen’s and Mark’s cameras while I was taking pictures of them. For the record, Mark’s camera was one generation older than my Nikon, so he got my Nikon when I got the Canon. And Jen, for the first time ever, got a camera – Mark’s. It’s only one generation behind the one that I gave to Mark, so it wasn’t a bad trade. Here, Caiden is using my old Nikon, which is now Daddy’s, taking pictures of the sky.


Forget the scenery, this shot is of an amazingly beautiful little boy!


And, of course, this one is as well!


My budding photographers.


And, this is where we were. Since I don’t have a telephoto lens, I wasn’t able to get close shots like I would have with my Nikon. I didn’t realize I would be limited in that way when I bought the Canon. That’s alright. I’ll learn to take beautiful pictures to hang around my home with this and then worry about close-ups from far away.

A few random shots of Ashton on the way home. No posing, no tripod. Just snapping as we drove by. Oh, and this thing takes wicked fast pictures! It can do 3 or 4 shots in a second!



And that’s about it. I hope I didn’t bore you. I’ve found that I enjoy taking pictures and this was the next step. I’ll have to remember my joy and exuberance in a month or two when money is tight and I’m regretting using my hard-saved/earned money for something like this. Of course, here’s hoping all the stupidity of the lawsuit lets up with court on May 31st and things can finally get back to “stable” for me and mine.

I like to say the camera is “MINE, ALL MINE!” The truth is, the family just got a new toy. The boys have been instructed in its safe handling and I’m quite sure they’ll get some really good shots as time goes on. As long as they don’t get better than me – not at their young age, anyway!

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5 thoughts on “It’s Mine! All Mine!

  1. Great camera and pics 🙂 I am enjoying my new camera too but I stuck with Nikon. you traitor lol

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