Bread, Camera and Machine

When I left off last night, I was telling about how I taught Mark how to make some bread. It was a fun adventure and I’m quite sure, should I become missing or incapacitated in some fashion, the family might survive without me in the kitchen.

Of course, this means that the boys would eat out most days and Mark will never touch the personal cookbook I am creating for my home.

However, no one could ever say I didn’t try to teach things (the basics) before something happened to me!

He made two breads, that night. The second was one of his favorite breads. It’s called “Hot Herb Bread” and it is, quite simply, delicious! It is a favorite in my home and, mixed with my own personal garlic butter creation, heavenly!


The next evening, we spent a few of our grocery pennies on a bread machine. It was purchased with the understanding that, if I didn’t like the way it made the breads, it would be going back. I bought the cheapest machine I could find (less than $100) and gave it a whirl over the weekend. Here’s a few of the shots from that adventure.


Jen and I were fascinated the entire first night, watching it make a loaf of cranberry wheat bread. This bread we wanted to try was the reason for the machine. I found a delicious recipe but it said to use a bread machine.


At this point, I haven’t decided to keep the bread machine. The bread tastes different when it comes from the machine and all the recipes I use for my own bread making don’t work in the machine. I’ll give it a few more days to be sure but, as of right now, it’s going back.


I wasn’t overly impressed. It does have a jam setting and a dough settings. Apparently, it will do all the hard work of mixing and kneading the dough for me and then I can throw it in my oven. I think I should try that before returning it. And, of course, the jam setting could come in real handy when we decide to start canning in a month or two!


Mark and I went out for a private cup of coffee and, while out, stopped into a sweet-tooth store. While there, we found a cob of corn that you put in the microwave to pop into popcorn. Since I’d never seen its like and I’m not quite sure how it’s done, I purchased it for around $3 and brought it home to the babies. This is the “after” picture. I forgot to get a “before” picture in my excitement.


It made quite a bit of popcorn!


This is the cranberry bread I made by hand – prior to the purchase of the machine. I think I like this one better, even if it was all crumbly!

The other night, while Jen and I were playing with the bread machine, Mark comes out into the kitchen. He was mumbling about how, since the boys had Tickle-Me-Elmo as babies, he hears it randomly all the time! He doesn’t like it! He wishes he could get that sound out of his head, once and for all, now that the boys are grown. He honestly thought he was imagining things and we shrugged it off as a weird daddy.

Later, Jen went by Brendan’s room and peeked in. She called me over, telling me to bring my camera. I did and this is what we found.


Daddy wasn’t imagining it. Brendan had been playing with Elmo until he finally fell asleep, dropping Elmo to the floor.

Now that, if you ask me, is priceless!


Apparently, Jen and Mommy aren’t the only ones fascinated with the whole “automated bread making machine.”


And, of course, a huge ego boost for Mom – they are stuffing themselves with MY homemade bread while staring into the abyss of the bread machine! Yeah. My *food* is that good!

I was going to talk about my camera before signing off for the night but decided, Nah. I’ll leave y’all with that. Look for another post about my new camera!

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