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As always, the best way to catch up on things is looking in my picture folder. I still try to get as many pictures as I can and, when I finally sit down to type, it is the best way to remember when/how/what we’ve done the past little bit. I’ve done some work around my computer this morning – including finally checking the email account for iamnaia.net. Seems I forgot to put it back on my phone when I got a replacement in December and I had a few messages! Whoops. For those I forgot to get back to, I apologize. It completely slipped my mind. I just finished setting that email account back up on my phone – now I’ll get messages almost instantly – instead of others waiting for me to actually check my email on a computer!

Travel with me now as I open the pictures folder and start sifting through it.

Have y’all ever made Muddy Buddy Chex? The recipe is HERE. We made it awhile back and the boys loved it. Of course, they like anything that is sweet. I’ve taken to making the normal Chex Mix and freezing it for snacks for school. It lasts quite awhile and the boys love it. The Muddy Buddy was better, however. It didn’t even last a week in my freezer (yes, even the Muddy Buddy Chex is freezable for future snacks!).



Remember the post about “Define Motivation?” This is Caiden, shortly after that post, working under his bed and imagining it was an F-14 Tomcat he was repairing. He actually has some of my household tools, banging on the boards of his bed and “fixing” things up!


Awhile back, I got a bee in my bonnet to try a new recipe. It’s actually a cheese roll bread that tastes really good! I wanted to make it for a dinner and the original recipe calls for the Sourdough Bread recipe to be used. Because it would take too long, I decided to use a Quick White Bread recipe and see how it tasted. This is ready to go in the oven….


And this is when it was done baking. It was, quite simply, divine! The odd shaped pan has its own story. I originally baked it in my bread loaf pans and didn’t like the way it came out. I ran over to Rush’s Kitchen Supply here in town and told the owner what I was doing. He sold me this pan and then told me he wanted to taste it. I had described it so well, he was anxious to see what it came out like.


All cut open and ready to eat. I took one of the loaves over to Rush’s and gave it to them. He tasted it and loved it! I promised the recipe and asked if he’d give me a discount on the next pan I needed as a return. He agreed and I went home to write up the recipe nice and pretty for him. It was a few days before I had the money for the next pan but he was true to his word. The next recipe I tried was this one….


The bundt pan used is the pan I didn’t have and got at Rush’s. The recipe was for a pizza “cake” of sorts. It’s layers of pizza dough, cheese and pepperoni. It didn’t last long in my house after being made and we’ll be making it again! Especially since Mark is home and anxious to try it. I believe I have quite a few recipes to add to my collection here on the site and will try to do so in the next few days. Since I’m actually starting to get back on track and all that…


This is Caiden, signing in for the Pinewood Derby Race. It was his first and I hope he’ll do it for years to come. The Pinewood Derby is a yearly race with cars built by the children. They compete at their age group and win prizes. This one is hosted by the church where they attend Royal Rangers. Royal Rangers is the Assemblies of God version of the Boy Scouts. In this, they learn more about Jesus and the Bible while learning the basic skills that all boys needs to survive in this world.


His age group showing off their cars. Caiden’s is the blue, yellow, red and green one. He wanted a “Batmobile” and this is his rendition of that. He actually won 4th in show! Not bad for a first time and paint glopped on!


Getting ready to race! You’ll see him, in the blue shirt with the tie on it. He was so excited!!!


He’s watching his car come down the track. He looks stoic here but, trust me, it didn’t remain that way. As soon as the excitement hit the crowd, he was right there with the rest of them!


Waiting anxiously for the results of the race. He raced about six times to make sure he raced at least once against everyone in his age group.


He gon 2nd in the race. Not bad at all for a first time!!!

I was so proud of him! I had talked to him for a week and reminding him that no one wins 1st place the first time. I was hoping to prepare him for the let-down on race day. I needed bothered. His car did amazing and he was so excited! I now have his car safely tucked away to give him later in life, when he is a man and keeps his own things.


At the same church on Easter Saturday. They were going Easter egg hunting and having some hot dogs. They were making “Resurrection Cookies” and given tasks. This one was to beat the peanuts as Jesus was beaten. Brendan hit the peanuts on the floor hard enough to break the spoon. I’m wondering – am I the only one who is disturbed about a bunch of children enjoying the process of beating up peanuts like Jesus?!



They fed my babies hot dogs before the actual Egg Hunt. Brendan wasn’t so sure about all the people, so he sat down over here by himself to eat his hot dog. Caiden was still (patiently) waiting in line for a hot dog.


Brendan’s age group went looking for eggs first and, after getting a few eggs, sat down to check them out. I guess the curiosity was too great to forgo looking in his little bag!


I have the most beautiful boys. He was proud of every single egg that had something inside of it!


And then they released Caiden’s age group! My boys don’t have that cut-throat desire to get everything and tackle everyone to get it, so Caiden didn’t get very many eggs. Maybe it is lack of practice.


Between Brendan’s feet is an egg. Brendan found it and, because it wasn’t his turn to look for eggs anymore, hid it so his brother could have it. He stood right there until Caiden came and then let him (and only him) have it. That’s brotherly love, if you ask me!


Caiden was still looking with his little brother trailing after him calling, “Caiden! Wait up! Caiden!” I wonder if this will continue the rest of their lives.

Probably. Little follows big. Right?


Still looking!


And then they got to the door prizes. Each child put their name in an Easter basket and, at the end of the day, the names were drawn for door prizes. This is when the world blew up, as far as Brendan was concerned. He had been so generous to his brother, sharing and helping him look for Easter Eggs and he wasn’t the one who’s name got called for a door prize. Caiden’s was…


Here, you can see Caiden picking out his prize when his name was called (Look for spiked hair and green jacket). Brendan was all fine with this until the end of the door prizes and his name was not called. Huge eruptions of tears and sadness! Caiden, a good brother, handed Brendan his prize and said, “That’s ok, Brendan! We can share it!” Brendan was ok after this point. However, I hope he learns soon that not everything applies to both brothers all the time. That’s a hard lesson to learn. I know.


When we got home, I broke out my Easter storage box and the boys decorated my front windows with the stickers I had stored up. As always, they love playing with these stickers on my windows. These actually had a saying on them, “Save the bunny! Eat Jelly Beans!” Both boys promised not to eat the chocolate bunnies.


While the boys were playing at the park with Jen, I set out the colors and the eggs we had cooked. It was time to decorate some eggs!


I went outside to meet the babies coming home from the park and we headed inside to color some eggs.

I just looked and realized – I got exactly NO pictures of the decorating process! How awful! Oh, well. I have pictures of the boys looking for eggs the next day. Jen and I hid them in the middle of the night – yes, I woke her up at about 2 a.m. I ran to the store and got a few dollar trinkets for them to find and each child (including Jen) got one chocolate bunny. That’s all they got as far as candy on Easter from Mom. They had some candy from the church hunt and some candy from going to their grandpa’s house later on Easter afternoon. They didn’t need more!

They are thoroughly convinced the Easter bunny hid all their decorated eggs while they slept. I love when I can convince them of something so mystical and fun!





At this point, I told them there was one more egg they hadn’t found. They searched for long minutes and I finally went and “found it” for myself. It was hysterical trying to get them to see the remaining egg!


The Easter “loot.” They had fun and talked about the Easter bunny all day. We only just cracked open the eggs and made egg salad this past weekend. I sent it with Jen’s brother – the one who’s always hungry and starving!

More to come as I sift through the pictures folder. I think this post is plenty long enough…

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