Be Careful of Shelving!

Well, I’ve slipped and ignored my blog again. I haven’t been doing a lot I thought note-worthy but I still should be sitting down and typing things out. Not to mention, I think I neglected to finish the cooking class. I need to sit and do that – like really quick. I’m anxious to get to the second part.

I think, the easiest way to get it going, would be to start showing the pictures we’ve taken. So, let’s open the folder that is labeled “iamnaia” and pull up some pictures, shall we?


Last Sunday morning, the 24th of February, we all got up a little late. We had stayed up late playing and slept in. It felt great and I am loving that Caiden has been sleeping more and more as he gets into school. He goes to bed so easily and wakes up at 7 or has to be woken up. I think he’s finally “growing up” and it pleases me. Especially when I remember all the terror and pain of him being a child that didn’t need much sleep and would be up all hours of the night and waking so terribly early in the morning! I am sad that he’s growing up but I love that his body is maturing to the point of knowing sleep is good.

The picture above is Brendan. I woke to sounds of him moving around and, by the time I had stumbled from the bed to the bathroom, threw on some small measure of clothes and found my way to the kitchen, this is what I found. He had gotten himself dressed and pulled out some crayons and paper to sit down and draw/color a picture. By himself.

He is so different from Caiden. Caiden would (and still does, to some extent) wake up and then set about getting everyone else up to be with him. Brendan has woken up so many times and just sat down to wait on everyone, finding something for him to do in the process. I’ve woken to him playing quietly with building blocks in his room, sitting on the couch flipping through a book (pretending to read) and coloring quietly in the chair I bought a few weeks ago.


On Sunday morning, I also cooked a full breakfast. I had two grown men (Mark and Jen’s brother), 2 growing boys (Caiden and Brenda), Jen and myself to feed. I actually got off my kiester and put together a breakfast to feed the masses. I cooked so much, we actually had leftovers to chomp on throughout the day. I was actually making jokes about the orange juice being “freshly squeezed!” In actuality, it was squeezed out of a can but making two cans of orange juice is not possible in that class jar. I had to make it in a big stock pan and then pour most of it back into the container. It was fun and I did that while Jen helped by cooking up the bacon. She wanted to take over the pancakes but I was having fun putting everything together so I told her to stay away!


Two things happened later on that same Sunday, in between Minecraft party, of course. Dad helped Caiden sand his car for the Pinewood Derby coming up in a little bit. After sanding it, Dad held the can and helped direct Caiden into putting a coat of black paint on it.


Even with dad helping, Caiden managed to get just a little bit on himself. I think that’s much better than handing him the can and telling him to go for it on his own.


Later, Brendan wanted to help daddy cut his hair. It’s a good thing daddy typically shaves his head. I mean, seriously, if he didn’t, what would he look like right now? What I love is the intense concentration on Brendan’s face while he cuts daddy’s hair for him!


He tried so hard to do it perfectly for daddy. I’m so proud of my boys!


And then, when the black paint dried, daddy (against his very nature!) let Caiden paint what he wanted on the black paint of his car. Again, the concentration was amazing. He really wanted to do a good job! Brendan is old enough to enter the Pinewood Derby but mom decided to let Caiden do it on his own this year. This was just his – with Daddy. Hopefully daddy remembers to finish the car by putting the parts on before he leaves on Tuesday. Hint, hint…

Most of the week was pretty bland. Dad was home but we were tight on funds so we did things around the house instead of trying to go other places. It was a fun week, regardless.

On Wednesday, dad took our little Toyota went to pick up the boys from school and Jen took the Rendy and ran off to do her own thing. I was the only one home. Unfortunately, it was a bad time to be home alone – with no car because the two I have were being used.

I got into a fight with a shelf in the hallway and didn’t realize until several minutes and many quarts of blood later that I had actually cut myself. The old saying about someone not realizing they’d hurt themselves badly until seeing the blood is true. After dripping blood all over the hallway, I realized that it was coming from me!


I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel. After wrapping it around my hand to stem the flow, I panicked. I didn’t know how I was going to get to the doctor. Dad and Jen were far, far away. Suddenly, I remembered. I have a spare key in my jewelry box to dad’s truck! We keep it because we like to mess with him now and again. We move his truck from where he parked it. Jen has even hidden in the truck a time or three, popping out to scare dad when he leaves to drive back to his home.

I ran to get the key and dumped nearly all the contents of my jewelry box on the floor in the process. I grabbed my jacket and barely managed to get my hand into the sleeve without bleeding all over it.

Hopping in the truck, I was thankful that I hadn’t been home alone with the Toyota. Driving a clutch with a huge cut on my right hand would have been bad!

Driving down the road, I called Dad and told him I was on my way to the family doctor’s office. I told him I had cut myself and he said he’d meet me there.  When I hung up, I called the family doctor and told him what happened. I told them I didn’t think it was bad enough for the emergency room and was on my way. They said they’d be waiting for me.

That picture above was taken while driving to the doctor’s office. I’d already managed to stop most of the bleeding by applying severe pressure to it. I was stuck at a red light and decided to send Mark a picture so he’d know what to expect.

Of course, when I got there, they were waiting for me. Caiden wanted to see it and immediately teared up. I realized something.

Mom’s aren’t supposed to get hurt.


Mom makes our hurts better but she doesn’t get hurt!

I reassured him that it was nothing. If it hadn’t been my right hand, I probably could have stitched it up myself. I was laughing and joking with him about it to calm him down. It really was astonishing to see my son starting to freak because his mom was hurt. Handling this with delicate hands, I managed to convince him that I was fine and it was ok. Mom’s do get hurt but we’ll be ok.

From there, Caiden didn’t care anymore. But Brendan did.


All dry and ready for stitches. They determined that I had cut it down to the tendons and stitching it was the best way to do things.


Here, Brendan was squeezing my hand super tight so I wouldn’t cry while getting a tetanus shot. Since I can’t remember the last time I’ve had one, it was a precaution. He held my hand through the entire procedure of shots and stitches. He actually teared up at the sight of the huge needle she brought in for the tetanus shot!


While the doctor was shooting the numbing liquid into my cut, Brendan was watching and I was cringing. I think I squeezed his hand harder than he squeezed mine!


Stitch, stitch, stitch… I’m a quilter. I can do that! Just let me at the next cut with my needle and thread. Although, I have to say, the stitches in my hand don’t feel like thread. They feel more like a plastic of sorts. Yes, I play with them. Caiden is so much like me. I’m curious, so I check it out!

Besides, this is my first stitches in my life (to my recollection) that weren’t a result of having surgery. Cut myself many times. Gone all the way down to the tendons and required stitches? This is a first.

And, when doc was all done…


The fun part of all this? I can’t get it wet until it seals up. So, daddy has helped with washing my hair and Jen has been stuck with all the cooking and washing of dishes. This is fun!

The tetanus shot hurts worse than my hand, at this point. We’re 4 days into this and my shoulder is still sore (I hate to move it!) and only occasionally does my hand hurt. Go figure. This stitches come out on Friday. That’ll be about 9 days since I cut it. Until then, no touching food (since I can’t wash my hands, wouldn’t be safe) and no doing dishes. I’m cool with that!

Bath time isn’t fun, though and Daddy leaves Tuesday. I can always clean up in the bath with my left hand and then go have someone “set my hair” as if I were one of the blue-haired ladies. Yeah. I like that idea!

On the way home, I had dad call and ask Jen if all the blood was cleaned up around the house. I really didn’t want my boys coming home and seeing bits of blood all over the place. It probably would have caused more damage after figuring out that mommy’s can get hurt. It was spotless when we all pulled in.

And then, on Thursday morning, guess what I did? I gave up 5 vials of blood to the Veteran’s Administration as part of my yearly check up with them. Seriously!? Couldn’t you just clean up the blood in my house and get it that way? Why take more!?

I had a huge breakfast on Thursday. I had to replace all that I’d lost the last couple days.

This morning, I had a grand idea for breakfast and got it all together for daddy to make. Grandma Donna had sent out the idea to my boys in a letter a bit ago.


Cool Whip, chocolate chips and cherries. Make a pancake snowman!


Brendan’s creation.


Yeah. Thanks for the carb overload, Grandma Donna.

And then, this is what they did to my pancake!


And then, Jen’s creation is below:


I don’t know about you, but those bug-eyes bug me! I’m serious. It’s like they move when I move or something. Thanks for the nightmares, Jen!

And, of course, daddy had to make a snowman pancake…


Yeah. That’s a carb overload for you.

And, of course, the faces of the munchkins?


Well, when eat it like this, what can you expect?


And Caiden wasn’t much better but his face stayed cleaner.


There ya go, Grandma Donna. Right now, Mark and I are at Shari’s. We’re eating some protein that wasn’t available at home after having such a huge carb breakfast.

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