Besides Minecraft…

In between all the gaming we’ve done, we have done a few other things. This post will catch up on that and show ya some pictures that have sat on my camera card for the past few weeks.


On the 100th day of school, my son was asked (along with all the other students) to bring in 100 items of something for a class party. It could be paper clips, little tiny toys, whatever. I decided to send 100 packets of Sixlets with him. When the weather was nice, he’d ride his bike with Jen to a local store and buy a couple of them. They were a great treat and the exercise (and practice) riding his bike without training wheels made it worth it. They are a dime apiece at this store and I had no problem purchasing 100 of them for his class. It came out to $10 plus tax.

From what Jen says, the teacher was beside herself. She loves Sixlets and couldn’t wait to go to the same store to get some for herself!


My son’s first email. To play Minecraft with the family on a server, we had to have a paid account for him. We pay one time to generate an account and then it’s free because we’re playing on our own home server. So, I set up an email address for my boys to share and posted on Facebook so friends and family could email my boys. Grandma Donna was the first (and only) to send him an email and we sat down to reply to her email.


I let Caiden do the reading and answering. It took everything I had to not correct him on every mistake. I wanted it to be fun and, by over-correcting him, I could kill the fun of emailing his grandma. Now that I think of it, I need to get him to send her another email. Her dog isn’t doing so well and ended up having some pretty icky surgery.


This past week, I found this small child’s art table at a thrift store. We were there to get books for Caiden’s school project but I found this and brought it home. It’s now in my dining room and the boys do their homework on it. When they feel like it, they can use it to play, draw or whatever. But, now, there’s a specific spot to do homework and, if mommy is working on the computer at the dining room table, they can be a part of things while doing homework.


One of the first things Brendan did was making mommy a picture. It actually says, “To Mommy, From Brendan.” It’s now sitting on my dresser.


It was “Holy Spirit Week” at their school this week and they had fun things all week long that they did to honor it. On Wednesday, they were supposed to “Dress like a Bible character.” On Tuesday night, I went and put this together real fast. No, I didn’t have a pattern. It seemed pretty simple to make. Straight lines, hole for the head, rope to tie it closed.


When I took Caiden to the store to get rope to tie it closed, I decided that it might not be the best colors for a little boy. I stopped at the little craft store not far from my home (where they sell Sixlets for a dime) and looked for better fabric for Caiden. When I got home, I whipped this up real fast and gave the pastel colored one to my friend Meg for her little girl – who is in my son’s class.


Much better colors and, with this one, I sewed two small lines in the sides to make “sleeves.” By making the section for the sleeve very small, I actually accomplished the “flow” of the robe I wanted. My son went to school as Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors. Oh, and it even fit me…


Yes, I know. I actually posted a picture of me! Oh, and not one word about the hair. A bad haircut turned into getting every shred of hair I had cut off. I’m barely surviving while waiting for it to grow back.

My son did a school report on Friday. He’s had three weeks to write it and prepare to present it to the class. After convincing him to do Italy because I was stationed there in the Navy way back when, I got some books and we set out to do his report with him.

It was a real struggle not to do it for him. The goal was to see how good a 1st grader could do without the parents taking over but, every time I saw a mistake or spelling error, I wanted to fix it for him!

On Friday, we all went to the school to watch him give his presentation. Even Jen’s mom came to see it! I was so proud of my little boy!


He was so cute while he gave his report. Mommy, of course, was bawling. I had to explain to him later that they were tears of pride and joy for my son – getting so big and I was so proud! He didn’t quite get it but, o’well. I told him, “Get used to it. I’m a mom.”


Mostly, dad and I were so proud of him for remembering everything! He didn’t falter at all! Here, he is point out Siracusa, where mommy lived in a valley. Below that, I had an old McDonald’s tray paper that was in Italian and had him explain that – at the time – McDonald’s was 2 hours away from where I lived.

And that’s all the pictures I have. We’ve been doing a little bit here and there while playing our game. Now, we’ll start getting back in the swing of things and see what else we can get into!

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