We don’t eat rice!

Yesterday, the boys were bouncing off the walls. I lost my cool a time or five but we finally made it to bedtime. The biggest problem was Caiden. He is on steroids and, for someone so small, it really messes with them. He’s got this huge bundle of energy and nothing to do with it. Can’t send him outside in the cold – he’s sick. Can’t really go anywhere to release the energy and that causes a lot of problems. I recognize and understand this but it doesn’t change the facts. He was downright annoying!


In an effort to do *something* with him, I pulled a box set I got on an after-Christmas clearance sale and attempted that with the boys. The cookies are cut in snow-globe shapes and then baked. After baking, there is icing to put on them and then decorate.


The edible paint is on paper. Adding water makes it easy to paint on the cookies.


It was fun and the cookies were yummy! I loved them and the boys gobbled them all up.


Even Jen enjoyed them! Can’t you tell!?

Later in the evening, just about close to time to put the boys to bed, I got a wild hair up my … um. I got an idea. A friend had mentioned making some rice bags in return for all the baked goods and butters we’ve been sharing with her. I decided, why can’t I do that? I’m a quilter! I can sew!

I need rice. I sent Jen out for some rice with our limited funds and went downstairs. I found a few scraps of fabric and sewed them together. I didn’t pay attention to any specified size. I just made them about as big as I wanted them and sewed them up.


You can’t see it, but it’s my default colors of red, white and blue. They are both identical. One side with blue and stars and stripes, the other with the red flower print in the same hue of colors from the same fabric line. Beautiful, if I have to say myself.


I stuffed them with rice, leaving room for the rice to move around and settle nicely where it gets put and then sewed those small holes shut with a simple hand stitch.

When I put the children to bed, I warmed them up and stuffed them under the covers with them. They were ecstatic with the idea of their own little bed warmers and very much in love with me for it. I call that a win at the end of a terribly rough day!


I told Jen, if she went to get more rice (I underestimated how much I needed) she could pick her fabrics and I’d make her a rice bag. Of course, she had to pick me a difficult one… or so I thought. What she picked was a sample strip I sewed together a year ago out of some shapes I was playing with. I thought it would be hard to sew shut but it wasn’t. I trimmed it to make sure it lined up nicely and a few minutes later, I had it done.


She loves it and actually told me it was the second-best gift I’ve ever given to her.


And then, I set about making one for myself. Mine is a tad bigger than the rest but that’s because of the fabric I choose. I had to get the entire graphic, so it was a bit bigger than the one I made for the boys. I’m thinking of taking it apart and sewing lines in it to make it puff a bit. We’ll see. That picture is of the top. I didn’t get a good picture of the backside but you can see part of it as I stuff it.


I used a few blocks I created of some Americana prints. They were 9-patch blocks and I quickly sewed four of them together to make it as big as the front graphic.

And that was about it for the day. When I was heading to bed, I checked on the boys and Caiden was coughing a bit (poor baby). When I walked into his room, his eyes were open so I sat and asked him if he was ok. He whined and fussed and then pulled his rice bag out of his blanket, saying, “It doesn’t work anymore!” I reheated it and, as far as I remember, he slept through the night.

I think the little bags are a hit and we’ll be using them quite frequently! I love it when I get something right with the babies.

He went to school today but I gave him permission to call me if he got to feeling really bad. I sent a note to his teacher and asked her to let him step outside in the cold if he gets to coughing too badly. That seems to help but I can’t explain the medical part to ya – I don’t know why it works.

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2 thoughts on “We don’t eat rice!

  1. Incredible…a supamom u r…

    • Hi! Thank you for the compliment. I don’t typicall6 feel like that. Making mistakes is what I’m good at. 😉

      Thank you for stopping by!

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