Wait! There’s More!

As I was cleaning up the photos and prepping them to store nicely, I realized I still had some more from the past week or so. Well, here goes…


On Wednesday, when I heard that Caiden needed to come home from school because he was sick, I sent Jen to go get him and Brendan and I set about making up “mommy’s sick bed” for Caiden to use. We put his quilt, pillow, stuffed horse, a snack, some juice and some Tylenol out for him when he got home. Brendan had a great time helping me and even picked out Caiden’s sick-snack.


It’s some Captain Crunch that I had stuffed in the cabinet for days when cooking breakfast was not going to happen. That’s happened a lot more since December. I blame the stressors of that stupid lawsuit (which is not finished, yet) but I need to get back on track with things.

I’m working on it.


I found a box with the items to make flower pot snacks at one of my local thrift stores for $5 and set Jen about testing it out. I haven’t used it, as yet. I gave her the fun of trying it the first time. She did very well and, the next day, made snacks to take to the boys’ school for the Bake Sale they were having. I think they turned out really good – I just wish it wasn’t so high in carbs so I could eat more!


Yes. They were baked in the flower pots!


If given the choice, this is what Brendan would pick for breakfast: Popcorn, peanut butter and jelly. I’m thinking not, kid. Sorry.

On that note… I found the most delicious recipe for Peanut-Honey Spread. Y’all have got to try it! It’s the best! Since I’m spending some time getting things caught up on the website, I’ll try and get that recipe and the recipe for the sausage balls in my recipe section for y’all to try out!

There. Now we’re all caught up? I hope so! Picture folder should be empty, now.

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