Two at Once


I got my laptop all fixed and it’s running good. I’m hoping no more mishaps, since I spent the better part of an entire evening reloading all of my programs. Trust me, I have quite a few! They all reloaded quite nicely and I’m up and running again.

The friend I took the 2nd hard drive to managed to get the few documents I had put on the laptop before it broke the second time. He’s good. That’s why I head off to see him when I have not the time or desire to fight with an electronic any longer.

On another note, my son was sent home from school on Wednesday. He had a low-grade fever and had lost his voice. Now, there are times when I would love to have him not talk but being sick to accomplish that isn’t the best way to go. I was concerned but not overly so. He didn’t show too much else by way of symptoms but I kept him home from school on Thursday and Friday.

Partially because he still had a low-grade temperature and partially because I was making sure he was really alright. Those who have followed along know that Caiden is the child that has the “medical issues.” There’s near always something going on that he needs to be protected from or healed because of. He has been doing really good for the past many months and I was hoping that maturity would help protect his body even more. All indications point to his teenage years and maturing body helping him outgrow his baby problems.

On Thursday night, I was a tad concerned because his temperature was still slightly elevated and mentioned to a friend that I was thinking of taking him in to be seen. She tossed back that it couldn’t be much more than a cold and don’t stress. They wouldn’t be able to do anything and still charge me for the visit, so why bother?

I should have listened to my instincts instead of my friend. On Friday night, my son developed a mild cough. When he starts with the coughing, we all start getting worried. He has an allergy to something in the air around here and, when it gets to him, his blood oxygen levels can drop to very low amounts – causing hospitalization. Coughing is the first indication that he might be having a problem. However, it wasn’t too bad and I wasn’t terribly stressed at that point.

On Saturday morning, he went to get out of bed and his legs wouldn’t hold him. After tumbling to the floor, he ended up crawling like an army guy towards where I was to tell me that his legs hurt and they didn’t work. Instantly, I flashed back to another blog I had read a little bit back. From what I remember, her son had an (unnoticed) ear infection and it actually ended up causing him to lose the ability to walk for several weeks. It was very scary for her but her son is doing fine, now. I thought the same thing had attacked my baby and I was not happy about the idea!

First, he had a low-grade temperature.

Second, he had no voice.

Third, he had no other real symptoms – nothing to indicate what was going on with him.

In the interest of not panicking, I decided to let it sit for a bit. I was going to see if he was playing around and trying to get attention. Six year old little boys can be creative in their ways of getting attention. We’ve been working with him on not telling stories. I’m not talking about lying. I’m saying that he has started creating stories and, trust me, they can get downright interesting! So, instead of rushing off to the hospital, I decided to give him time to show if he was serious or not. During the next hour and a half to two hours, he progressed to walking gently on his tip-toes. He wouldn’t walk flat-footed (and still doesn’t tonight).

I was starting to stress and worry, trying to figure out ways to get him to walk to see if it was for real while I was doing some dishes when I heard a “THUD” followed by a blood-curdling scream. This was immediately followed by tears and more screams of massive proportions. You know what I’m talking about – the kind that make moms hearts fail to hear their children in such distress!

I started to rush to the back room where my boys were when Brendan met me halfway. He was holding his head and wailing loud enough to bring the dead to life. I curled up on the floor with him, looking to see where Caiden was. I figured they had gotten into a fight and one of them had gotten hurt. Caiden was doing his best to hobble to me.

I hugged and kissed, speaking no words, for a minute and then asked Brendan if I could please see his head. He finally settled long enough for me to take a peek and I about died right there on the spot. I yelled for Caiden to get me the ice pack from the fridge and covered Brendan’s head again. I held him as tight as possible but a small part of my motherly instincts kicked in and I watched Caiden to see if he would “miraculously” have his legs healed while getting the ice for his brother.

No dice. He hobbled, carrying the chair to the freezer, the best he could and then gingerly climbed on it to get the ice pack for his brother. In that time, the knot on Brendan’s head tripled in size under my hand and grew very hot.


Now, I know that head injuries swell the hardest and bleed the most. It’s common knowledge. I’ve dealt with stitches on Caiden’s head twice and he’s had quite a few knocks and bumps during his 6 years. However, I have never had a knot on my son’s head grow that fast and that huge. (The picture above doesn’t do the bump justice. Trust me on this.)

It was at this point that I decided I had enough. I was taking both of them to the ER (doctors are closed on Saturdays) and to hell with anyone who doesn’t understand. First, I have a kid hobbling and not sure why. Second, I have a child who has a goose egg the size of Texas on his forehead. This is not shaping up to be a good day.

When we got there, I explained the situation to the check-in nurse and we were taken back to wait in the room for the doctor. The results are as follows:

Brendan will be fine; however, he did manage to knock himself silly and will probably have headaches for at least a week (instead of just a day or two). Keep him in Tylenol to alleviate his pain a bit and he will have pain. The size of the bump and the color by the time we go to the hospital indicated to the doc that we’re in for a fun week with Brendan. We’re supposed to keep icing it as much as possible and keep an eye on him when he sleeps.

Did you know that doing an x-ray on a small child is the equivalent of doing a chest x-ray on them over 200 times? Their little heads are not designed to accept x-rays that young. The doc did not x-ray because his poking and prodding produced no evidence of Brendan actually breaking a bone. The forehead is the strongest bone of the entire noggin, so it is the best place to knock yourself about with. It typically does not break and will survive most childhood accidents. The back of the head, however? That one you don’t mess with!

Caiden, on the other hand, was diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis. Silent little disease and it was making his muscles weak, trying to fight all this off all by himself. He has several lymph nodes swollen in his neck and groin area as his little body was doing its best to fight. I feel horrible for letting someone’s opinion sway me from my decision to get my little boy checked out on Friday! Never again. I don’t care what people think. My mother instincts are mine to interpret. He got some steroids and an anti-biotic to help him in his fight and he should be good to go back to school on Monday. He’ll be “muscle sore” for a few more days but it should turn around with the anti-biotic helping him.

When we got home, I used the last of my money to get the meds Caiden needed, McDonald’s for both of them and some ice cream to make milk shakes as a treat. I figured they deserved it.

They both took 3-4 hour naps this afternoon so I know they will be up quite late. That’s alright. It’s the weekend. Brendan did ask me for some Tylenol when he got up from his nap. They don’t usually ask me for medication so I figured that was an indication he woke with a headache and gave it to him.

You know, it was kind of funny having two children in the emergency room at the same time but it wasn’t fun. I felt silly taking them in but, as a mother, sometimes you just have to do it and hope for the best. I’m glad I went – if only to get Caiden what he needed to help his body fight this bronchitis off. The doc actually mentioned that, even if the bump on Brendan’s head wasn’t life-threatening, he was glad I brought Brendan in. Too many parents brush things like that off and then severe problems kick in.

I guess I don’t feel so silly about my panic this morning, after all. Oh, and Brendan’s explanation for the bump on the head? He was bouncing on his bed (not jumping, mommy!) and fell, smacking his head on the edge of his headboard. He has since decided that he doesn’t want a bed in his room any more. He would rather sleep on a mattress on the floor. I just might indulge him. That bed has caused him problems since we brought it home!

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2 thoughts on “Two at Once

  1. Your friend was going on a child with non medical issues and was probably distracted with her own concerns, mum always knows best x

    • I agree. I was mostly berating myself for not acting sooner. I know better. 🙂

      They sleep, although only just in the last few minutes (It’s 12:40 a.m.). This is good. I’m about to follow, finally.

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